The Dark Master revealed

I am skeptical about the big bang theory because it seems to be far too flexible to changes in evidence. That doesn't mean that I or any scientist can say for certain that anything is absolutely true without being omniscient and I am pretty sure that there are no omniscient scientists. I am also a bit skeptical of dark matter because it is also poorly defined and seems to be a kind of fudge factor added after the fact to explain things that don't add up. After some investigation into the matter it is possible that there is such a thing, though far more complex a phenomenon than usually described. It does seem that there is a way to verify the existence and character of dark matter. If I am correct the consequences are greater than the discovery of the electron and electromagnetic forces.

The mastery of electricity is the greatest driving force in technology advancement today, but pales in the consequence of being able to apply "dark matter" engineering.

James Webb is going up soon and I am looking forward to what it reveals. If it shows that the universe is much much older again, then I am going to be even more skeptical about the bang theory. It really is difficult to image what other alien cultures could exist if they can control dark energy and dark matter and have been in existence for 10 billion years. In my lifetime, computers have gone through many generations of exponential growth and this is on the tiny time scale of decades.

2 to the 5 billionth power by Moore's Law is a big number by anyone's standards. It is possible and in my opinion likely, that "dark matter" could be a confusing factor in the nature of the universe and the relationship of its parts. The only way to know for sure is to test it, and so I will see if I can devise a test that can be applied to existing data. There is so much data about the universe that big data techniques are about the only hope of getting all the meaning out of it.

Recently I have been working with node.js, scrum, and other new softwares. It seems there is a new "insert hype acronym language/method" every week.

I am also betting that there are some strange new discoveries about what are called black holes, but are something quite a bit more than a product of mathematical singularity. Certainly 1/r^2 becomes infinite as r goes to 0, however there is no cool name for that like "fringe discontinuity". I like that one.

There is also something beyond even these things and there are many things yet to be discovered. It always seems that technology has become ultimately advanced, but that is not so, what is now will someday be the strange time before understanding and so it will go forever until somebody knows everything and then they will trip and bump their head on infinity.

Carbon Foot

They had decided to have a child and they knew the consequences on Mars. They had brought enough carbon in the form of plants and soil to keep them. It was the vanity of immortality that led them to the impasse. At 12 their son was growing up and it was then that they realized that someone must die for the others to live.
News from Earth was filled with horrible consequences of warming from carbon dioxide and it was then that the first solar war began. Energy was abundant on Mars as well as raw materials. Earth was unwilling to trade energy for oil as they had become so mired in their own habit of substance abuse that they could not change.

NASA had actually created the tools of this war by a mistake they made in 2023. A spacecraft was to gain momentum from asteroids with a bungee cord harpoon. What they didn't consider was that multi-body physics is a dangerous game in space. As the asteroid belt was destabilized and orbits became erratic the Earth was stoned into understanding of what they had done.

One of the greatest achievements of Mars was the infinite precision FPU. This was the bow and the asteroids were the arrows.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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