Dark reason

This article at slashdot is about a new discovery, based on looking differently at wavelengths., and this is something I wrote a while back. I have looked into the characterization of dark matter and it seems that they have misunderstood what is happening in a case of what they consider interacting infinities. When you characterize two things as being infinite and then you add them, what do you get? Depends on the person. I say the product is an understanding that the parts were not infinite to begin with and the sum is therefore not.

I think they are catching on and will have some interesting news soon. The problem is the people who get billions of dollars to do this for the government will probably be the last to know.

So they are one step closer. I said you have to align all the star data by frequency, done, add them together, look at holes.So they are 1 of three and likely to do the others soon. If somebody in the government does it, it will be classified immediately and hidden. So actually it has to be done publicly. It isn't that big a trick and it is just massaging data.

I also read an article about Obama's tweeter being hacked. If you ever had your tweet hacked, I can tell you it really hurts. I would say something that I discovered specific and scary about security in general, but for reasons that would be obvious to someone in my spatial position, will have to wait for another day. Let it suffice to say that you have to be much smarter than the technology you use or it uses you.

Above about light, gravitational lensing, and security made me think of something that I am sure some high ranking government official never suspected could be known for fact. It is like DNA evidence from cold cases, sometimes it tells some interesting stories. That will have to wait for some later date, and I only say it to remind myself, as I had forgotten about that.

I accidentally discovered how to make a 90° viewable 3D TV that does not require glasses and is reasonably scalable to theater size at a very low cost. It is similar to my atomic live microscope however ( in the aspect of being only known to me ) as I assume it will be my little secret until someone rediscovers it. I am not sure how it serves me. It is a neat idea and could make display possible for the imagination impaired. I can easily imagine 3 4 and more dimensions while in the middle of a storm and not even know I am being rained on. It does not serve me much to have such a devise and I will likely never make one unless there is a specific application I need to apply it to. The mention is just to remind me at some later date so I can recall it. If I search my blog for the general idea then it will put me back in the frame of mind to remember the technology should I forget.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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