Want to really meet the aliens?

I made a comment on slashdot about the data which is certainly available from various sources. It is the fact that the spectrum of energy in the universe would exhibit certain anomalies if life were present everywhere in the universe. In the same way that plants absorb specific wavelengths in the photosynthetic process, all methods which convert or utilize energy must remove that energy from the spectrum emitted. It matters not whether it is near or far infrared or ultraviolet or even high energy. The limitations would seem to be in the abundance and the mechanism. It is my personal opinion that C ( Carbon, not the C language ) is the universal form and that life could exist without DNA, but that the flexibility and complexity of the C⇒O and / or C⇒H and / or C⇒C and / or C⇒N bond is essential to the organization of complex systems.

  1. E=hf
  2. Integers can be defined at any scale.
  3. Statistical differences in the blackbody spectrum.
  4. Entity needs E to grow or move.
  5. Molecular systems absorb specific energy.
  6. Molecular systems have a unique signature.
  7. Star systems have a unique spectrum.

If I had a "Blue Gene" (Sung to the tune of "If I had a Hammer")

.. for several months, a backbone fiber optic link and access to international data bases , and some time to cast the code, I am certain that I could combine the existing data to indicate the presence or absence of extraterrestrial life. The logic would imply that it would indicate positive. Logic is not a proof, it is speculation. If people really want to know if life exists in the universe it is easy enough to prove. The only real question is whether people want to know. I am not the only one who could massage the data to show the outcome. It is there, like the statistics of Google searches which seem to indicate the absorption of great quantities of information in the entertainment spectrum and less in the education spectrum.

It isn't even a great trick and Google does it every day to analyze for patterns in data. It makes me think that people have a psychological or cultural reason to avoid looking. I wouldn't think that it would be more than a minor task for some witty Google engineer to plan and implement the project in a few weeks and it certainly would instantiate Google in history if they did what no other scientific community or country could do. They had the idea of medical statistical correlation and it actually seems a bit odd that some engineer that is a bit "Trekky" would not bring it up as a gimmick, but I am quite sure that it would be no gimmick.

I have no doubt it will happen sometime, the only real issue is when and what happens next. I am sure that whoever crunches the data will certainly garner themselves an honorable mention in history for many thousands of years. Not to mention the fact that also buried in there could very well be something way more entertaining than King Tut, WoW, black holes, or dark matter.

If I don't see anybody trying this soon I will create my own project and start collecting the necessary information and sift through it. It represents a source of information that could rival 1,000 trillion billion times the technology of the Earth, but if I am the only one who sees that, heck I can sell alien technology as well as anybody else. Okay, invisibility and warp drive is available on ebay for a mere 90 trillion dollars, don't wait because this is a one time offer and it is a 10% off sale. That means you could save 10 trillion dollars, who doesn't want an extra ten trillion for those impulse items like LOLworld alien implants.

It would be such a simple task for Google to do this and the gain would be monumental for all of humanity. This link at slashdot shows what Google can do and this little trick is a walk in the park for their clusters. If they don't get it with all this finger pointing I can explain it in more simply.

When you see something with squared corners on Earth you know there was a person there. The curves of a chaotic process are smooth.

If I am required to download the data, sort it by star type, add it all, remove the absorptions of H and He, then calculate the difference between each frequency band ( simple min max inflection first derivative, slope⇒0 ) then I would have to claim I discovered this. Then I would be that guy who whines for the rest of his life that he invented the TV and somebody else got credit. Please don't make me that guy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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