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I am testing a new script for gimp. The site which has information is and I am just getting started with using it so I will fill in the post as I learn to apply it. The image of an extended texture is certainly interesting.

Wow this is spooky! Well worth knowing.

Elaine Morgan at Ted Talks is also very interesting. I see a real basis there for a genetic shift. The ability to hold breath in an ape would be a fairly simple change and as a result A. dies for want of fish when land is barren. B. Survives by finding food in the sea. Not enough difference to cause genetic incompatibility, but enough to make it a pathway. Very likely in my estimation and other changes like hair loss, standing, speech and neural changes would come later. A definite schism with no real way back. Very very plausible. If a gorilla chasing cannot enter the water, it cannot exert its dominance.

After thinking about the Elaine Morgan talk at Ted Talks it seems really plausible that some ape that had a nerve pathway to have voluntary control of their breathing would be completely dominant. I don't know if this is the pathway, but let me imagine. An ape is born that can go out in water over its head because it can hold its breath. It is an obvious escape from the control of other apes. Apes are not stupid and have sense of reflection about others ( monkey see, monkey do ). If an ape simply took as many mates which could not enter the water to an island, there would be no way for the other apes to oppose the process. It would likely produce a generation of apes which could not leave the island. The next inbred generation would have 25% dominant swimmers. Also the inbreeding would highlight previously hidden recessive traits that may have been deselected, like lack of hair, etc. It makes a good story and could very well be the reason there would be no great transitional record. It would seem that an island in Africa somewhere might hold a large surprise someday. I think it might even be possible to construct a vector of the possible location, if it were true. It would seem that if the change were recessive that the story could play out over and over in new conditions.

It seems that gene dating should also be a suggestion to determine if this is true. The number of SNPs in a particular gene can be used as a type of general dating of when a change took place. It is intriguing and the most sensible path that could explain a paradigm shift of the proportion that exists between apes and men.

I think this is a real leap, it is all coherent. It is like any other change that comes about by randomness. There must be an advantage and that main advantage was voluntary control of the breathing. It would seem then the defining characteristic of a human would be a specific nerve path shared with dolphins and birds. The fact that it is likely an early dominant land trait would be reasonable as the original land creatures would have had the same isolation. This means that the inbreeding interface could have extended and recursed over millions of years even. I say it was two major breaks, one in Asia and one in Africa, likely Tanzania.


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Automated Intelligence
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