My fingers speak music from the ages

It has come a long way from Electric Dreams. When I can scarf a midi file of Bach Minuet in G from here, find out how to use a soundfont here and get lmms through the repositories. It is really nice and intuitive. These devs have done some beautiful work. Just get LMMS and try the demos and examples. It is really easy to use and it really rocks the house.

It seems that I could do some meta coding with this also.

<embed src="" width=250 height=100 autostart=false repeat=true loop=true> </embed>

I used kdenlive to create this and it is just a silly thing that changed instruments and I thought it sounded like a cat doing the Minuet in G. All of this is about 30 seconds of real work for me. The computer sweat for many billions of nanoseconds doing its job of converting midi to audio and the converting audio to mpg and then sending it out to the internet. It is just proof of concept and not intended to be art or even pleasant.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen