New dimensions from old, The magic lamp

The image links to the computer music composer and the music there is very good. The thing that got me is this image from that page and how it thinks. I am afraid that it is correct, as we speak, the concept of a natural born human as the epitome of thought, rationality and capability is crumbling and the extension of mind in the machines becomes the new something and I don't know what it is. I have been moving toward this and there is no way to choose some other path. I can now make programs that solve problems that I cannot approach with my mind alone. Using the computer as extension of my reach, an intellectual prosthesis to augment my limited mind and time.

This uses blender.

This is an image from what I started doing with AI and dimensions and there really is something there that defines thought itself. What will it mean when reason and decision becomes a calculator that passes us at every turn. I see it in my own work. I create a program that creates programs and then it teaches me new things. This could be very entertaining.

If that is not scary enough, consider that I could then make the mind that makes the program that makes the music. The extension is only natural. It is recursion and by recursion the process expands. Below all of this is a level that is the ⌊floor⌋ on which it all stands. It seems to me that logic was improperly defined from its origin with the scholars 2,000 years ago and that it requires a new framework to actually complete this circle. It is there and soon it will be known and like the other odd consequence of this strange new world, it is bound to be an E ticket attraction. What happens when these things like the speech in video detection and integration with graphics and DNA combines with music and meta code generation. It is escalating. Once I think of the combinations in escalating factorial synergy it becomes prompt critical intellectually in a way similar to its namesake.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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