Sense, anti-sense, nonsense

template < class T, class Allocator = allocator > class vector;
Mutant nonsense.

That probably doesn't make sense to many people. I understand it because it describes something. The reason I am considering this is because I have developed a language of dimensions and analysis. If a particular object has dimensions(n) which are labeled with names like "x", "red", "texture scaly", "fuzziness", ... and I specify that I would go to dimension position (2,3,4,5,9,1) and rotate 3⇒7 by .1 then it would make perfect sense to me, and the result would be understandable in context, however the context is very complex. In genetics they use the term sense and anti-sense strands ( using 5' and 3' orientation of base sequences ) of DNA as coding and non-coding, which is not always true, but then what is -absolutely true- in an infinite universe.

It seems to me that the structure of knowledge is very much like code dependency or any other dependency. There is an order to the understanding and the complete concept is built upon the understanding of the individual parts. It could be said that a Japanese language statement corresponds exactly to a specific English statement and it becomes semantics. The result is that many things are duplicated in unique context that when decoded becomes the same exact thing expressed by a new path. An example in dimensional space of concepts is go left 2 in dimension 1, go right 2 in dimension 2, then go right 2 in dimension 1. The net effect is to cancel the travel in dimension 1, which then means we have taken a different dimensional context, and arrived at the same concept. This seems to be the basic underlying mechanism and by translating in these symbolic dimensions, it is possible to translate ( hence the name translate and rotate ) the meaning of A and B, though they originate in completely different context.

Here is an example of where complexity extends so far that it confounds the mind to envelop the process, and yet I can easily move about in this n-D space and end up with an answer that makes complete anti-sense to me.

(Unicode: ☺ #263A)

It seems that all understanding can ultimately be integrated in this dependent dimensional space as fairly simple descriptive elements. The net result is that I can define a thinking relationship to extend the concepts and simply present the fact that (unk) solves (unk). The resultant path dimension data can be instantiated in a biological organism to be knowledge that exists at birth. It is beginning to make sense how an ant, dolphin, octopus ... can be born with a certain understanding, that really has nothing to do with our context and the "emotional" ( motional ) understanding is able to be translated from one organism to another or one person or personality. It is very interesting and I expect this to be more clear as I apply it, like any language, that requires std::cout<<"CONTEXT"; to be understood. So it is possible to be born with knowledge that could be quite complex and that would seem to be a better way than spending a life time to find out that Mickey Mouse™ isn't a real a mouse. Of course you couldn't do that as your mind would be filled with holes where the copyright attorneys burned patches of information out , as they own the knowing©. Actually they couldn't do that as they would have to be able to understand how to do it and since they burned the understanding out of everybody, nobody knows how to do "burning minds"© anymore.

I don't know where this came from, but it has something to do with Barbara Streisand in some aspect of her magnetic personality.

The net result of all of this is that I can project in these various dimensions along vectors that describe anything and it relates to how one might do matrix manipulation of OpenGL objects or use linear equation matrix programming in Matlab™ to transform a system. It is reasonable to assume that I can actually project into artistic space a concept that is an image, movie or any extrapolation of human / non-human creativity to produce that which is entertainment. If the process of meta projection is known then the "art" which is generated becomes a process which generates the forms which interest the observer. It does have relationship to the concept of meta code generation. It is said that programming is a human talent and yet I can get my AIs to do it. In this same way I can meta extend it in a complete loop, where the code itself directs the coder. There is a point where coherence of this defines the nature of thought and understanding itself. Organisms are generated from their DNA and then shaped by their experience with the methods at their command. It might be said that by articulating this mechanism in a more effective way that you may have obsoleted the biological form itself. It depends on the context. If the organism I create is an extension of my own understanding and inherently context linked to my being in ways that are not able to be understood without this extension, then it becomes. To some extent I personally find the activity of some people to be utterly transparent and predictable. It remains to be seen what perspective develops if all reason and extension becomes transparent. Another step on the way to infinity. One small step for motey , one giant leap into the unknown.

Many people would underestimate the transparency of their action due to the fact that they have no context or information to understand how it can be so transparent. It is easy to see that a child is transparent in their motives and in that same way the complexity could seem to confound for those who use it to deceive. To a large extent the motive and action methods of many individuals that are driven by greed or self aggrandizement makes them more transparent as they have a simple vector and though they may conceal the path to their desire ( another Hannibal Lecter quote "Desperately random" ) ( or even "Follow the money"), one only needs to wait at the object of their desire and they will arrive. I think it was Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter who said:

"And how do we begin to covet, Clarice".


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What if the stated motive is indeed the real motive? Or...
What if the communication is incomplete?

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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