What is the dimension of similarity

I was wondering what Google considers similar images and the script below that is from Fred's ImageMagick scripts is what I tested with. The center bar code is a self reference and the others go with the image next to it. Somebody has been playing with these faces using morph tools and I am not sure who or what they are supposed to be. This is another aspect to the images and it seems that the possible similarity dimensions are essentially infinite. And there are factorial possible combinations and even beyond that to combinations of combinations. It is an infinite landscape of properties and it seems advisable to do some "Monte Carlo methods" in those dimensions and see what drops out. The images are just thumbnails from Google image search and option "similar images". I discovered some interesting things while studying human anatomy. It is the genotype expression of thicker bones which makes the greatest difference in male and female faces. The bone thickness can be translated to drawings, I drew some sketches based on variable bone density and it was surprising as the result was striking, since all I was doing was morphing the 3 dimensional outcome based on an increase in the thickness of the same bone structure.

colorspectrum: USAGE: colorspectrum [-c columns] [-r rows] [-l] infile outfile USAGE: colorspectrum [-h or -help] OPTIONS: -c columns width of spectrum; determines the maximum number of colors; 1<=columns<=255; default=255 -r rows height of spectrum; rows>=1; default=50 -l displays a list of colors to the terminal
Command line usage example.
./colorspectrum imagein.type imageout.type


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Automated Intelligence
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