Integration of graphics scripts

This is available in repositories and I used it before, but now to see if FFT and wavelet interaction has something to be learned.

sudo apt-get install fftw3-dev libgimp2.0-dev

This is a decomposed image and it is in filters->Generic. The script code must be compiled and installed in the plugins so that it can be registered. I am wondering whether to Google to Blog and and then back can be recomposed? (Obviously not.

It is interesting what is lost in transit and one has to wonder how the compression and decompression are done and/or how choices are made.

What I wanted to know is what does the Fourier of a decomposed wavelet look like?

So this is the image with an overlay of various FFTs and it speaks volumes to me. In addition it is possible to extract many more things. One could say that there is an near infinity to be comprehended there. Analysis in other dimensions is also very interesting. This is just preparation as I have a new tool I want to test on the image and it combines several filters and plug-ins into a concert of action and this is to test if it does what is predicted.

On a side note, there is duplicate invention and the path to the answer is not usually the same. It is an infinite landscape and you can get to there from any where. So this link at slashdot and it may be yesterday sooner than I guessed. Of course if people understood Tesla's work, this perhaps could have been true a hundred years ago.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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