It won't be long before yesterday

I have noticed that some of my inventions from years ago are being created and though they are probably very futuristic to most, they are old ideas for me. Many are interim solutions and I rejected them in favor of better solutions. I see they have a concept for delivering dead things to space cheaply and that I already knew how to do. After that I discovered how to cancel inertia and so I knew how to deliver live things to space cheaply. Later I discovered teleput[sic] and it obsoletes those things. I have no idea how soon inertial canceling will be discovered, but I assume it will be eventually. A year , a month, ten years. It varies with the invention and duplication is almost certain. I discovered something beyond teleput, so there are new things always to be discovered.

It puts an edge on things as it really won't be long before what I know can be, will be the present, and then it will be a real mess because nobody will have considered what happens if it works. That is what I worry about. The world is not ready for some of the things which are now becoming possible. It actually scares me a bit.

All of these new things are unusual and somehow the human race manages to survive. There is no way for me to know how it will turn out, but it is bound to be a wild ride. It really won't be long now. I do wonder about the equation of the universe as it is not that easy to duplicate and would require a fairly large leap for someone committed to existing science. I have no way to know what actually goes on in the minds of 6 billion people.

I used to worry, but what can I do, I don't make it happen, I just know it is going to happen because I have already looked there. I just wish it was longer before people catch up. It used to be a decade or more and now it seems to be weeks and months. I suppose it is just the rate of change accelerating. There are 20 times as many people as there were in the Middle Ages, I think. One would think there might on average be 20 Da Vinci and Newtons and what would it mean for them to interact in a factorial manner at the speed of light. It boggles the mind.

20! = 2.43290200817664 x 1018

ADDED: I looked around a bit on the web and I haven't done this in a while because I was busy extending this equation and considering the consequence. It is my estimation that "teleput" technology could become possible and public any time. I was looking at the Google fiasco and IE hacking 0-day exploit and once these things are out of the box it is very difficult to get all the wild cats to cooperate and put the future back into the NULL space. You might say that nothing will come of it, but that is a bit naive as it is human nature to use what can be achieved and if there is advantage, it will be taken.

I would have guessed that somebody would have taken a slow approach to automated weapon systems as it is a dangerous leap toward Berserkers. It seems to me that though one of these things might be manageable in its consequences, the number of new things that are being created causes an interaction and a tension that is not wise to create IMHO. Any one of the new technologies could punch a hole in the normal application of power structure and then chaos ensues. I am sure it falls on deaf ears, but "beware the Ides of March".

I know that very few people read my blog and many are just people who got the wrong address when wandering about the net and are gone in an instant. That does not change the fact that I am not the only one who understands what is happening and it is obvious that many people are aware of the rising tide of technology and what consequence it has. I say that landfall has been made and now the eye cometh with ever increasing fury. I sympathize with the people in Haiti and the destruction is horrific and the human toll is beyond comprehension.

It has a parallel in this as obviously somebody knows that tidal waves, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, and other calamities can happen, but there is no one considering what happens if? Even as I blog this a super volcano sits waiting in the northwest and it isn't an issue of IF, but when. I can't say about volcanoes and when that chaos could be released, but I can be reasonably certain about technology and the ground is moving, dust is in the air, it is getting hotter and there are some load noises, my best guess is by the time WebGL is fully implemented, the Werecats will be out of the bag and then it is too late to wonder why you didn't save your SSH keys before you upgraded or moved your system. I had no idea the word "Werecats" had ever been used and so I decided to Google and there it is. It is difficult to come up with things that are truly new, because first of all it must be understandable and this means it comes from what is and is an extension, so it is like an advancing front and it isn't too difficult to devise an algorithm that projects that.

Whatever it is called, the consequence is soon to hit the proverbial fan and I for one welcome our new Chaos overlords. I always wear my tinfoil hat at least 10 minutes everyday and this way I can cover all the bases, later I will put up shades to block the reflection of an evil eye.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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