Image openGL and meta UI

I have been working with scripts, ImageMagick source ( which includes the source for display ) along with the source of many other packages in an attempt to integrate all the graphical techniques as an interface through a common program structure in the complex of antfarmgl.

I also got the package:

sudo apt-get install gbrainy

Which is a Google code game that has logic puzzles. In addition I completed SuperTuxKart challenges to see what happens and if it is coherent for the complete game and discovered an interesting "Easter Egg" which I will not reference here as that would be a spoiler.

Many of the effects that can be achieved with convert can be created by loading images with display and using the menus. The clock above was sheared from the menu command.

New scripts are appearing all the time and some are very elegant. I am planning to contribute a polygon fitting algorithm that operates like this: A reverse texture lookup is used to identify areas of the image along with hole fill and a kind of image gravity. After that polygons are created in OpenGL for each element identified at a very low level. It is then rendered in 3D with lighting and then a light direction and type is fitted if possible. It proceeds through the image collecting parts in a manner similar in some aspects to a genetic polygon fitting algorithm which I saw on Robert Alsing's web log. The result uses surface geometry and lighting to further establish the coherence of the image and association of parts along with guesses of how it projects into zero space ( blackness ) or reflective blooms (100% white ) where there is no method to associate without context.

As a result, the polygons form a surface which is a 3D model and not a 2D surface such that it can technically be used as a model when it resolves. The time of completion varies widely across image types. I discovered a method to compress video files in the process and it could compress already compressed video by another 50% beyond a format like mp4 or such. I am continuing to experiment with that and may have a demo image at some time in the indeterminate infinite future.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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