gimp wavelets and scripts

The image links to a script for gimp that is written in C. The method is quite interesting and shows up on the "Generic->Wavelet decompose" menu once you have run make and make install.. Compile requires at least the dev package:

sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev

While studying guile, clisp, MIT scheme, Haskell, and other scheme / Lisp implementations the underlying guiding principles are becoming clear. It is easier to see how the programs are created for gimp and what the scheme scripts actually do at a machine level.

It seems there are some underlying methods that would be beneficial to be implemented with a gui and meta interface. I also have a better understanding of the underlying library access and it should be possible to implete a complete meta interface that is a windowed OpenGL task that interfaces all of the other graphic modules simultaneously.

This is another example of where a program like Photoshop cannot compete with open source. I can now understand and modify the script to combine Fourier methods, hole filling, and various other tools I have created and published already. It is the factorial combination of action which is the advantage as it is with the serial combination of shell scripts in a manner such as this using pipes:

cat afile | grep whatiwant | wc -l

Interestingly enough while deciding to make a scheme that interprets scheme I encountered this at "null program" implementing wisp which is somebody who seems to be doing just that and I will likely take a look through their code before I jump in and try my concept.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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