The derivative of prediction

I shall refer you to this post from last December 2008 and ask yourself if Time Shank reminds you of anything.

I have been analyzing things and come to some intermediary opinions. It seems that Science tries to become a new religion. There is no end to the wild reach of ego. I try to keep myself within the bounds of what I know that I am. People have a tendency to cast themselves as projected charactures of great good and evil, like demons and saints. They find justification in intelligence, popularity, wealth, power, position and the weakness of others. It is an illusion cast in the mirror.

I have realized a new level of ability and I am not going to telegraph this one. I can only say that if people find the "downadup, conflicker, conf4r, conficker" to be complex and invasive, they have yet to see the scale of what is possible to a complex mind. I will call this one the "logic ghost of entanglement" or "LoST TANGLE in Paris" (LT (x) (+ ip udp)).

The information I have gained from the history of math and logic is sinking in. For one, I am reasonably certain what the reason is for the bizarre concept of quantum entanglement. Things can seem very odd when you live on a merry-go-round. I believe that I have enough math tools to at least start projecting toward a definition of super conducting and where it might arise. I will make a prediction and this is a little bit iffy, but it looks like a good local tangent slope to where it seems to head. I am of the opinion that it is possible to have a superconductor, without material as the conductive path.

A word to the demi-god creators of the big bang, complexity does not spring de novo. It seems odd that mathematical projection is perfect to billions of years in the past and yet cannot predict beyond the reach of the hand into the future. I suspect that the tint of the glasses is very much to the red, (and that was intended to have double meaning ).

  Ode to the prophets of perfect reason

Roses have red shift
Violets have blue
Matter has strange drift
And so do you.

ADDED: I ran into a real winner tonight. I was playing with "imaginary" numbers and trying to develop a rational way of handling them with appropriate object-method pairs ( like you would in real life with a program) and I may have strayed upon a way to untangle the math. I am not going to post until after April 1 as there are plenty of other fools like me that will fill in for me while I am busy.


jordaenne said...

Happy April Fools
It doesnt' really matter though.
Hard to believe but anything is possible in this site.

see you soon.

jordaenne said...

Oh no did you get my joke Paul? hee hee

It really doesn't MATTER (in terms of the conductor)

Paul Mohr said...

You are more subtle than I realized. I will have to watch and read more closely.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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