Fonty fun

    In the hopes that I will develop some style and grace, I am studying fonts, line spacing, colors, and special characters. I can see that if you want to make a point, you have to cater to a person’s interest and avoid the objectionable and irritating. I know that if I come upon a page with massive flash ads and sound and scrolling marquees, that I simply turn off and don't care if it was the most important thing in the world. If anybody has constructive criticism on style it would be helpful as I get my browser all twisted up by changing scale with <Ctrl> key with   +  or  - keys . It gets to the point where I don't know what the ‛real’ fonts look like.

    I am trying some new fonts and I hope they are more readable. I learned what "serif" and "sans serif" mean, that is some interesting history. Of course sans (in French sans=without) serif is without serif, which should have dawned on me long ago.

    So font scales was on my mind and I thought that Firefox should have a way to see a page without the scaling and so I went to "view" menu and "zoom" and there is "reset" with a quick key option of control·☉ (control key and zero key simultaneously).

     I use Firebug and that is becoming so elegant that it is scary. I can change fonts and disable parts of the CSS on a page and see how a specific effect is achieved. A really effective tool that you should try if you use Firefox and want to learn cascading style sheets (CSS).


jordaenne said...

Hi Paul.

Oh la la. new fonts.
I hope this doesn't mean that you will have to dress for the occasion to type.

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Automated Intelligence
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