The process of understanding

I really am liking the LaTex equation generator, it is almost as cool as the code of the elvi.

I have been delving into quantum physics, fractals, imaginary numbers, theory of logic, and numerous other areas lately in an attempt to make unified sense of what is measured and used to as current scientific understanding of the universe. Many of these ideas are inter-twined with philosophical slants that seem tangential.

I was in the process of trying to reconcile what I understand and can measure with the techniques that are currently used to describe the system of "matter" and "energy". Locality is very interesting and it seems that locality is possibly a subset of non-locality. The idea of instantaneous and measurable must be resolved and it can't be done without understanding the nature and definition of order and n-space topology itself.

The more I learn, the more I realize that much of this is familiar as I have considered it and developed it myself. I have considered these things before and rejected them as incomplete, as they are not "predictive". An article at New Scientist on quantum mechanics and fractals is thought provoking, The problem with physics is that it is not complex enough to resolve. I am sure that others would find that Schrödinger's equations, Maxwell's equations, relativistic math, multidimensional topology, fractals, chaos, emergence, set theory, and others are very well complex, but I disagree. There is a deeper reality that is far more complex and perhaps not measurable. It can be inferred and if the inferred immeasurable is consistent with all physical phenomenon, then it would really make no difference if it could ever be measured, as it would or could just be a convenient method to unify the seeming conflict that arises from things like entanglement, local hidden variables, and too many more things that are plenty complex, just not quite complex enough to be complete.

I was studying ancient Egyptian math and Babylonian math last night and the funny thing is I can read it now, kind of like a new form of "1337 5p34k". It doesn't bother me to shift languages ( or to base 60 or base e) in the computer sense either. Which reminds me, cheating is the best way to play games.

If at first you don't succeed, you didn't cheat enough. I think Socrates said that or maybe Plato.

I have been playing with mixing fractals, Fourier, set theory, vectors and in gimp and using a little Python to interact with it and that is going well and I hope to mix it with a little blender and I think I will get the pre release of blender and play with the new liquid stuff. Some really interesting things have turned up in genetics, myrmecology, chemistry, nanotech, neural emulation, and so many different areas that if I commented on all of it, I wouldn't get anything done.


jordaenne said...

Cool-studying egyptian and babyonian math.

In my alumnus magazine that I received one month there was an article on one of our physic's graduates that discovered a universe deeper than we have ever explored that contained matter that was in "chaos" well maybe this kind of definition may imply immeasurability but then again that is viewing it from an established framework of mind.

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Automated Intelligence
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