Time Shank

This is one of my mini science fiction scenarios from the possible near future

I create method was its name originally, and some called it "Time Shank". It was conceived by a hacker and it should have been obvious in the arms race that is taking place in computer intelligence, but nobody really thinks like a criminal, except the criminals.

In the bot net it begins. A honeypot is a way to catch a hacker entering a system and profile their activities as they attempt to escalate privilege and thereby develop counter measures to the attack. The idea of offense and defense strategies evolving into complex scenarios is not new. For example: "anti-anti-missile-missile-missiles" or just a shield and sword.
What was different about this is that the hackers were serious about taking control of the world. It wasn't a game, it was a complete intent to be the new absolute rulers of everything. The "time shank" was in fact a type of intelligence algorithm that simulated thought and could construct the relationships of logic in such a way that instead of learning something, a set was created which was the "how" and not the "what". It was a way of communicating the "how to" of doing something as a patch.
A good example is the concept of "make" as a tool chain item. If the how to is restructured into a method language that shows the effect of changing paths in the process. It is a thought adjustable diagram of how something works and can be modified to achieve a specific goal.
What the time shank does is add an infinite number of levels to the problem by producing scenarios that are designed to capture response to attack and produce a counter response. It creates a situation where the computer can keep a million possible moves and counter moves straight because it is digital and people are not. The result is that as quickly as a person could implement a solution, the bot had identified this and added it to its list. The net result is that the more the people worked to stop the botnet, the more complex the problem became until no human had the skill set to play against the net any more. A chess algorithm for sure, but quite true. The reason it was labeled "Time Shank" is because the process was already complete when the first bot net formed. The blade is already in, it is only the twisting that awaits.

I don't apologize for my imagination as it is like a river of something-ness that flows constantly over me always. This is hardly the scariest thing I know, and it is only one of the many strange possibilities that are exhibited in the human zoo.

I could imagine that some bright person could say that we need to close down the internet or restrict it to stop this from happening. I find that to be very interesting and also very predictable. The problem is that this scenario is just one of the blades that the Time Shank wields. Playing chess with an opponent that is thousands of times smarter is very frustrating. Sometimes the best approach is to stop counter attacking as the movement and change from static friction to sliding friction will allow gravity to draw you deeper into the sand. By designing knives to the shape of the inhuman hand, it guarantees that the attacker will not be human.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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