He is so smart, he is stupid

I think that in general science has taken a turn for the worse. It is the battle with chaos that has made them insane. In the vast sea of opinions it is possible to have many conflicting conclusions about life. The problem is that no one is willing to say that the just don't know and some things can't be known. I certainly ascribe to that principle. Some things are too complex for resolution and as such a tiny advantage of being a very bright person has no great gain except in comparison to someone who is less informed.

If a forest fire of chaos rages across the universe and I have two cups of water and you have one, then it might be said that I am more equipped to deal with the situation. It is little comfort to me to know many things that others only guess. A very simple example is the fact that the sun has gone quiet for an unusually long time. The one thing I can say is that somebody will write a book about it and make money, just like books about global warming. The problem is that I and they really have no way of knowing with any reasonable degree of certainty what will happen, even if I were equipped with all the information and the most sophisticated computer in the world.

This article today at Dilbert called Simulation-Simulation seems to say what I was presenting in the little story I wrote Sunday. Though I think that people are moved by many things beyond their understanding and control, the biggest problem that I see in it all is that instead of working together as a species, a form of self predation seems to be the norm. I can easily take advantage of something I discover and it is easier to place a monkey wrench than it to build a machine or society. People should realize what little advantage they achieve as an individual or even as a large group, pales in comparison to the ravenous beast of chaos that seeks to consume us and send us back to darkness. The secret to your safety may be in any hand that pulls you from the fire.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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