Complexity explained simply

When I see a book that says they are explaining C++ in common English I have to laugh. What part of classes, objects, sub-classes, operator overloading and polymorphism has a simple parallel in everyday situations? They might as well have the "Physics for Dummies" book as a must read before starting up the LHC. I am sure I can do a lot of damage with a little knowledge about C++, but in making the book, Brian Overland could have been a bit less blatant in his constant promotion of Microsoft. I never saw GCC mentioned and even if it was a sideways remark, I would hardly expect a good programmer to completely ignore aspects that would be applicable to a situation. The book should have been called "I am a Microsoft whore and I enjoy it, as I make a lot of money." An even sadder thing is that this book is in my personal library.

This is just what I need, a book that makes me "feel smart" and not actually be informed. Now I can screw things up with and not feel the least bit ashamed that I am an idiot.

I know that somewhere, hidden in the GAO, is a book that has been classified top secret because it would just be too embarrassing to reveal. I imagine the title is "Handling Nookler Weapons for Dummies".

ADDED: Rumor has it, that Obama found a copy of it in one of the desk drawers when he took over the oval orifice.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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