Forbidden 2009

A mini science fiction novel like always.

The scene is a planet in a distant solar system and the science and military team arrive to check on a scientific team investigating a strange alien technology. When they arrive they find that an old man and his young daughter are all that have survived and they request that they do not land as it is dangerous. Of course, they do anyway and then .....

The young woman is radiantly beautiful and the captain falls madly in love and when he speaks to her he finds that she has the power of the aliens and has dreamed a boyfriend that is perfect in every aspect. The pilot goes back to the ship and the daughter must have summoned her dream boyfriend while asleep and the dream boyfriend becomes jealous of the captain and attacks the ship which is barely able to stop the dream being.

The captain decides to try the technology of the aliens and nearly dies as his mind is expanded. When he returns to the ship he falls asleep and dreams of a perfect woman. She becomes real and at that same time the girl is dreaming and her dream lover is there at the ship. The two dream beings who have become real meet and fall in love and devise a plan to kill the captain and the daughter. The father realizes what is happening and uses all his power to try and save his daughter and the captain from their dream beings and is too late, the entire power of the alien civilization is not enough to control its own creation and the daughter and captain are killed and the ship leaves with the new perfect captain and his perfect wife.

ADDED: prelogue and prologue, Before the ship arrived the old man was the only one who could survive the use of the alien technology and he dreamed a perfect wife and they decided to have a daughter and when they did the complexities were too much to resolve in the vast power of the alien technology and the daughter was created and the wife was no more. After the ship left the old man dreamed again of his perfect wife and they decided it might be best to make the planet invisible as it could come to no good for others to know this technology.


jordaenne said...

Hi Paul.

This was amusing and thought provoking.-The events were hinged on dreaming which makes it real ha ha and there are many candies in this text-like the mind expanding was too much. ha ha.

See you during my next blogging.
until then love and light.

Paul Mohr said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will make my next short story a little longer and add some blender illustrations.

jordaenne said...

cool idea Paul!

I will look for it when I return!

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Automated Intelligence
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