Seeing and eating, now smell your thoughts

This article from Rockefeller University discusses neuron interface as a way of smelling. An organism ( cell ) can excrete any number of chemicals. It can respond to many others or even its own. The ability to digest externally is also one of those. I enjoyed the article, however I think that in the larger picture it is just a simple obvious relationship that cells have with their environment. It can take many varied forms and plants can think too.

I spoke about this general concept 6 months ago ( "Hi, I am food !", "Hello, I am eat !") and my take is that the excretion of a chemical and its combination with things in the environment is so basic that calling it a new relationship is a bit iffy.

Overall, I enjoyed the article as it gave me a chance to revisit this subject and make some new connections about thought inside a cell and also about an ant antenna (an an t ant enna, what is that all about? ( strange associations ) ). There is also another associated relationship with compound eyes that blender modeling will explain for me. This article at Wired discusses a fish with a different type of eye than we possess, that uses mirrors. There is some association there and I will make that soon enough. I know that these matters have a common relationship, it is just the fact that the brain routing for the associations takes time depending on how many branches it takes. Some of the more complex subjects like this can take several weeks to route in my head. Depending on how new and how important the relationship is, it does vary.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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