Why it is wrong

Einstein was incorrect in his interpretation of the universe because there is no such thing as a frame of reference. Many of his theories were simply analogies, poorly applied and mathematically instantiated. I did a little blender that makes it ever so clear. A frame of reference is a mixed concept that actually involves 6 different things into one and it can be correct in one aspect and completely wrong in another.

The understanding of this fact in n-Dimensional space is critical to understanding the causal relationships between what we consider particles, waves, or matter. The definitions are very poorly constructed and imply something about the nature of the universe that is not present there. I can say that an electron is like a head of cabbage and deal with it in that way, but it continues to be problematic when you relate it to other concepts that are associated and derivative of it.

I would give the hint on how to understand the universe, but I have not resolved all the implications as yet and n-Space is a very tricky bear. As confusing as time-space can be, this is vastly more confusing and it is easy to get lost in the higher dimensions. I have some footholds in that space and I can expand from there, however it seems that each relationship requires a new method of understanding. It is obvious that it represents a vast benefit and great risk. I have stated before that I consider time to be a simple logical relationship that has no physical reality.

Some of the choices made to represent physical and mathematical relationships for matter of convenience are a constant pain for me. Particularly the integration of m·v with respect to v. ∫m·vΔv ≡ ½m·v²

Hmmmm... if their is a "leap second leap year" this year are all the light year calculations now wrong? What a messed up system of language and definition te science is. I really wonder sometimes how people can communicate in that mess of names to honor individuals that shifts around like a sea of snakes. I am sure "Pasturella pestis" is the same thing as "Yersinia pestis" and "glycerol tri-nitrate" is the same as "nitroglycerin". I will quit ranting and do some blender stuff.

And of course something distracts me away and this article at scientific blogging will consume my attention for a few hours at least. It is one of those points in history where many things collided and some of the decisions made there were IMHO, outright wrong. I did not immediately see any reference to Lorentz-Lawrence there, but that is also in the soup along with Mme Curie and Tesla.

ADDED: I read through that part of the article and it is a philosophical take on the interaction of the theories, which is beyond my interest. I am only interested in the practical aspects of theory as it is applied. When I think about concepts that cannot be tested or applied it is purely for entertainment sake. I see that Lorentz was mentioned and perhaps Maxwell indirectly as it relates to gas theory. I personally do not care for the assignment of social aspects to individual thought. It is an unnecessary complication of the ideas to say that "X" owns the idea of "Y" when everything that we do is a product of that which has come before. If I spend too much time arguing that Leibniz or Newton or Archimedes or Plato was more influential, I have wasted time I need for knowing these real physical systems and how they are characterized and employed in the real world. All in all I really enjoyed it anyway. :)

I guess it only occupied me for about a half hour, and now to some fun with blender. I have several new things to try tonight that came to me today and I have been wanting to see how they act. It includes an X-windows key stroker that I wanted to test to see if I could script blender through "x" as well as python and joystick editing. I am not going to put up any of my ant pictures as they are very realistic to the level of pores and hairs and translucency. Some people may have issues with bugs and so I will post them behind my website and allow them to be accessed by a link on the main page.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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