Gating the stars

This a combination of effects using a torus modified with alt+s, an empty, the array modifier, r-then-r, and a boolean intersect to a sphere on the rings. I understand the math here are this is a rather quick version of dimensional conversion. I was stunned that I could reproduce the spinning ring effect from Stargate transporter, and the appearance of a sphere that cut space out of an object like the Terminator time transport. With IPO curves I can animate the Fx of these two things in about 3 minutes. I also learned the quick way to morph make human export and import. Also, clothing the imported model is as simple as shift+d.

It is no big deal doing many of the Fx from movies, they are simple methods. I can imagine some things now that go beyond this. The ability of one complex form to be moderated in a way by others in the dupliverts, arrays, curve transforms, means another level of complexity that I can manage.

The factorial expansion continues to a higher level. I was playing with the array function and creating objects that I understand are transforms in a topological sense and then instantiating them and moderating them by a second technique to generate some extremely complex visual effects that represent an underlying mathematical truth.

I find the ability to make new real time moderations of these Fx to be vastly more entertaining than the originals. I can see that it is possible to create a 'game' that incorporates all of this into a living movie that has the player as the star character and any number of endings.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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