Defintely odd consequences

When people start talking about a subject and offering their unique perspective I get new ideas. There was an article at /. about really being un-dead. I read all the comments and jokes but come away with a new understanding about it all. I flashed on an idea that totally dropped my jaw at its simplicity. I discovered a way that a person could be alive without their physical body ( right now ) and as a result the possession of their physical body would mean nothing to them or the person who controlled it. What I am saying is that the idea that a government or any other entity or being could not use physical force to regulate the actions or existence of another. That would mean a complete end to any possible government by force and result in the only possible organizational method possible which is "association by personal choice".

I have to think about this for a while and decide if the knowledge itself has some hidden problem, but I will certainly leak it if it is not something that needs to be kept in Pandora's realm. It is certainly funnier than anti-handcuffs or the funny house I blogged earlier.

We have tried your toothpick and found it guilty of speaking too freely in a blog post and have sentenced the toothbrush, toothpick and your keyboard to life imprisonment without chance of use.

This has nothing to do with the other things I study like DNA machines or virtual life. I think that I saw at least a dozen new things that are going to be strange attractors in the near future.

A really odd one is that I looked at an article at Micron technology and combined it with a few of the unusual things I have studied recently, and I see a way that single CPU effective speed could be jumped by an enterprising company like AMD/ATI ( who really needs a hand to keep racing the ghost of the Wintel steam roller). So, AMD, if you want a little secret, we will deal. I gave the last one away, but if you want this one, we need to talk open source funding as payment. I know I am just some random guy who knows and has worked with TI, AMD, ATI, Intel, Micron, engineers before and they know me in all my oddness and effectiveness, wait that means I am not some random guy blowing particle smoke. Don't confuse me. A 10 fold increase in CPU effective speed is a real incentive for people who need the CPU juice to make their animations come alive. I don't have to wait for you to do it. I know how and where to get a chip fabricated and I know how a stuffing house works, I know how to CAD a board, I know where to get a board plated through, I know the PCI bus spec, I know how to program the ATE, pick and place, and flow solder, and I know how to make the silicon wafers. I also know how to program drivers and make the OS work well with the hardware. A lot of trouble, but if it means that I can sell a system that is 10x what you can sell, well, economic times are hard and that could put a real kink in the pipeline and I could just give the money to open source myself. Hmmm, I know a Chinese firm, well that may be an option, we will see.

It is going to be an odd world going forward and I am afraid this is just the first glimpse of the future. Economic news is like the thermometer of the ailing old guard. The king is dying, long live the new Kings. It is going to be another long, odd night of new ideas.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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