I may be odd, but look at the competition

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The internet continues to amaze me and even though this is odd, it ranks at about a 2% on the total weirdness meter of the entire internet as I am beginning to comprehend it. I have seen some things that border on a version of Twilight Zone fabricated in the Bizarro world.

Odd thought: The US wants to legislate what is done in the world and they control the 5% of the world here and what they manage to do is create a Christian science enclave view of the world as it advances around and consumes the past. I could not express what is really going on in less than a million words and I am lazy as everybody should know by now and so "ain't gunna happen".

What I am wondering about tonight: Gene identified that protects against lung cancer, Quantum undecidability, ViewVC, clive, Holographic mass control at 50 nanometers, blending ad infinitum, and much more.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen