Conversation from a Cold Read

This is purely science speculation and bears no resemblance to reality, except as it does and is purely a work of "Off the Top of My Head" random fiction.

The scene is a house anywhere in the world as the doorbell rings.

Stranger: "I am here about a molecule that you discovered and would like to see it."
Homeowner: "I suppose I could have predicted that would eventually happen. Have a seat."
Stranger: "I am feeling rather funny about this whole thing and I don't know why I am telling you this, but I am from the CIA and we wanted to steal this molecule from you so we could ultimately use it to control and kill people."
Homeowner: "I also suspected that would eventually happen."
Stranger: "I wonder if you could explain about this molecule so I could have the knowledge and then kill you so that I own it?"
Homeowner: "Oh yes, that seems reasonable to me.(smirk)"
Homeowner: "It is a catalyst that is absorbed through the skin and acts on a natural body compound to continuously produce a product which acts like Lysergic Acid Di-ethyl-amide, which is commonly known in one of its compoundings as LSD-25 and is derived from an ergot alkaloid found in a rye fungus."
"I have actually developed a pair of chemicals, one which neutralizes the effect, which I take all the time, and one which is all around and in my house."
"The result is that any stranger who comes to kill me, becomes its victim and without the antidote will be that way forever."
Stranger: "The colors of the walls are very bright. Do you have any cats here, I like cats."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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