The virtual body of ants

The nature of an ant colony is much like a complete organism and as with the body, chemotaxis leads the cells to their assigned seats in the body. In the case of ants, each ant serves as a cell and the body of the ANT can be in, merged or around another body ANT . It is an unusual situation where the organism, which is ANT proper, can occupy the space of another organism. The image is a snap shot of further development to show food trails and the scope of colonies. The python module for GraphWin seems sufficient to do what WxPython implements, with a bit more control of the product.
Strange things are possible in infinity. While considering this, an idea came out of the blue sky that there is a kind of light that I will call K-red which allows perfect vision at night in extreme detail using no special technology at all. It could have been discovered and employed at any time in history as it does not require any other technology. I must assume that nature has some how employed this knowledge in -some- creature and I can see that it is very possible that it is another insect sense that exists that has never been documented or understood. Bizarre, what exists in the infinite unknown. It is the Twilight Zone and it has no bounds, and each time I discover something like this it is a shock, because there is no way that it follows from science as it is defined. There are rules and it is obvious it is an incomplete set as these things are easily discovered, but not by following scientific discovery as it exists. Sometimes it seems that common science exists as -deterrent- to discovery. K-red reminds me of the "Fremen" from "Dune" for some reason. Ah, the Bene Gesserit Warlock and Muad'Dib.
The Great Revolt -- two generations of chaos. The god of machine-logic was overthrown among the masses and a new concept was raised:
"Man may not be replaced."
Or perhaps the robots warriors and slaves that support the super-rich will be re-purposed peacefully to be owned by all...   Fat chance, might as well look to Black Mesa for help.
There is no cake.

This gives a better idea of trails and nest scent, as well as using little icons that will be rotated to show ants moving about if option is selected. The yellow box shows the ant colony food scores. Clicking the oval "Exit" ends the simulation. Clicking the lower right corner creates a screenshot of the current conditions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen