Power and deception

I do not know personally about the current state of affairs as it relates to Syria, but I find it very unusual that a person who was trained as a doctor and ophthalmologist, would be an absolute idiot and when he had a massive regular military at his disposal, would use a method that would inspire others to act in concert against him. I would believe this as much as a presidential candidate deciding to take a walk about in his birthday suit the week before the election. Unless they were mentally deranged, neither of these things would happen.
It follows in a rather Hidden Markov Model like process that something stinks.The has been a long history of public deception to further intent of the monarchy or oligarchies. I can recall many that were not revealed until decades had passed. It is a political tool to fabricate an incident to increase the power of states. I do believe that Churchill allowed children to be killed to raise support for action against Germany, Hitler used the murder of a German statesman by a Polish Jew in Paris to inspire "Kristallnacht" and this type of mob control technique is well known to anyone who studies political science and propaganda.
If the US government played any role in the use or allowed the use of nerve gas to murder children, to further its interests, I could only say that this is monstrous and the consequences will be very bad, whether it continues or is stopped.
Something smells and given the amount of information that is being collected world wide, I am guessing that -somebody- knows and if they are a party to it, they have earned the official "Adolf Hitler, I was only following orders" trip to Nuremberg. One would hope that this type of thing would never be seen again, but alas it reappears like clockwork , over and over again.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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