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This is a python program that somebody started for ants and I looked at it and it had several severe logical problems. I added red and black, complex image ants, click to exit, background, perspective, sound effects, an entry for food control and quite a few logical extensions. I am using SimpleScreenRecorder to make the videos just because it is quick. My OpenGL "Ants" program (in 'C') has a built in video screen recorder and snapshot tool as well as being scalable and is able to incorporate 'obj' models, maps, IO, video textures, and flat textures or mapped textures. This is just a way to explore how it looks and do quick tests on things without recompiling a section of the "Ants" code and linking it. C compile of OpenGL_Ants is about 10 seconds now and interpreted python run is less than a second, which is fast enough that I don't get distracted and lose context when making changes.
I learned an interesting thing about insects while doing this, that beyond chemical and visual and contact communication, there is also sounds that can only be recognized in context of that space. We are so large in comparison, that the scope of these audible signals is lost in the scale. Yet, at the scale of an insect a millimeter long, the sound and vibration environment would be very different. The idea that ants also produce signals like grasshoppers and crickets was unknown to me until now. I would assume that spiders can sense these sounds as well and perhaps over great distances. If one has a tuned circuit like a radio signal, it can be detected in what seems to be simple chaotic noise.
The next step is a method to set the visible information like food trails, sound scopes, temperature,light source and polarization, conflict resolution, and behavior control.
Maxis (IIRC)  made an ant game that was pretty simplistic, but interesting at the time because it covered -some- aspects of ant systems and modeled it, though somewhat crudely with low res graphics. The existence of neural nets allows a better model of the ant which can give some reasonable approximation of real behavior and how that could change with a changing neural structure.
The blue dot is a simulated spider hunting and I haven't changed the graphic yet, to something more realistic with legs. I also need to orient models to direction of travel and incorporate trail sensing and nest scents, which I would assume is just the smell they all produce, which would permeate the ant hill and its substructure. I knew that ants could sense and respond to ground vibrations which implied an ant stuck in a cave-in, but never realized they might "talk" to each other with scraping sounds as well as antenna tapping. It seems obvious then that the frequency would indicate the size of the ant and would act in the same way as mammals that show their dominance through calls.

Copyright Rant
I have a real problem with copyright. The logic seems inescapable. If a system is created that is paradoxical, then it is illogical, and since it is illogical and chaotic, then it cannot be moral by definition as it must be some consistent valid set , ( however morality of action is defined ). If it is then implemented with great force and thus great harm, it becomes a criminal act. When that act is the actions of a state, then it becomes a criminal act upon the people of that state. This is a crime against humanity and if people are falsely imprisoned in that process, then it is a violation of accepted universal international morals.

The logic seems inescapable, that this type of action is not just some method for nobles to be granted rights to property by the king so that both may profit by milking the serfs blood. It is a perpetuation of paradox which must create great distress among thinking people, because it is an arbitrary abuse of individuals and as such is similar to an outlaw gang terrorizing people simple because they can. It would seem that no matter how it is considered, it must be so that a nation involved in the random abuse and ransom of individuals without clear moral basis is no law at all. It becomes the principle "might is right". In that framework it becomes a challenge where they are aware they are doing something criminal for their sole benefit but will not stop without a force greater than they can muster against the individual.

It is paradoxical in so many ways. I can go take a picture of a flower, the satellites and Google street view take the same image and any number of passersby can take a picture of the flower and then copyright that image or moving image or constructed model, resulting in paradox of "ownership". The "property" can be exactly the same and ownership can be obtained by simple declaration. That is absurd. I can see how people might want to perform work and be compensated for actions, but can I build a sand castle and then declare that I can receive labor compensation for all of eternity? Though physical patent is less arbitrary, it still contains the same logical flaws. It assumes that a product is so difficult to construct and imagine that only one person could devise the product according to one method and this is not the case. I can arrive at a useful construct in an infinite number of ways.

Some say it is broken and so we need to fix it, but there is no fix, you cannot claim chaos to be ordered action. It is a lie. It seems that it is a situation where something that is too complex to be copied without skill, it can be considered scarce, but that which is simple to reproduce is worth little. The system then is consistent with reality and much like crafts work, the product is limited, but if it is a bacteria, it builds itself and most copies are the same.

Information which can be compacted to binary bits describing the physical universe or relationships can be collected or fabricated in many ways and to say that 0100011000 or any length sequence is owned and owed compensation seems an unending source of wealth. If somebody could define a system that was not paradoxical, I would like to see it. It seems it becomes an arbitrary tool, a scam, a pyramid scheme, a fraud.

The cake is a lie.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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