Linux Physics

The video is a composite and it is surprising how good the video post processing is in linux, with avconv(ffmpeg) ImageMagick, also Open Shot Video editor is very useful.

Integrating stuff in wiki and HTML for local website on my personal internet.


Getting thumbnails from blender for reference.

blender -b filename.blend -F PNG  -x 1  -o filename_ -f 1
Getting sha1 for files so I can uniquely access them in a python dictionary or actually multiple dictionaries.
def sha1hash(data):
    f = open(data, "rb")
    h = hashlib.sha1()
    return h.hexdigest()

In some ways the "complex" of utilities in linux is the greatest benefit, whether it is bash, blender, gimp, zim, python, or the massive database of utilities that act like words in a complex novel that is the product. In this case I am showing a slice of what is done to demonstrate and test a new physics principle and document the development in wiki, python code , animation, video, images and simulation using python, C , openGL, and the base physical laws of the universe as well as their approximations like V=IR.

I did read the book "The Peace War" and it did have a couple places that provoked some thought, but was mainly that kind of formula science fiction that is not -precisely- predictable, but still it is a formula like a sci-fi sitcom that is always the same, but only on a different stage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen