Eyes of the beheld

It makes me wonder what people have come to accept. The evolution of governments into corrupt organizations is not just a problem for those it abuses, but themselves first. They have been corrupted as a personal consequence, and express that to the dismay of others. It is a failure first in the people who seek and live by physical power. Something changes within them and the problem is greater for those who are victims of their position. I am not excusing the descent into the madness of power, I am just saying that like chemistry, some compounds form spontaneously and others do not. The combination of power and specific people leads to the product conditions and you can say that the product is the problem and yet it is also the way in which order is chosen to be implemented. Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes, is something, but the science or art of that first principle is not correct, or we would have a more suitable structure to implement cooperation and coordination among peoples.

The image is constructed via blender + gimp + some polly wolly doodle, or rather some polygon manipulation.

The "Doctor Who" show about "Rebel Flesh" would have been far more realistic if they didn't fabricate the molecular clones fully clothed. It would only be a puritan scientist that would spend another 100 years designing, so clones would be born fully clothed and perhaps even with some moral over-ride regulatory neurons in the brain that would enforce their principles, whatever they be.

Having grown up on a farm, it does seem odd that animals were allowed to wander about without suitable attire, exposing their naughty bits, as well as women breast feeding at church, as well as swimming naked at the water hole.... Well actually one of my sisters washed a pig in "Tide" laundry detergent and dressed it in a dress once, so there was that. If I recall, the pig died soon after that and one has to suspect that the detergent had something to do with that.

I would guess that I might be reported by some puritan observer as a purveyor of the evils of flesh, like anatomy texts, DaVinci, and anyone who ascribes that doctrine. I understand that English websites were banning "Hamlet" as being too violent, which was reversed, but how many things that are not so obviously wrong get sent to the Fahrenheit 451 book repository for storage in a ΔS° higher entropy state. My personal interest is in how genotypes become phenotypes and the science, not so much art, but a well constructed machine has more to it than the sum of its moving parts. Everything combines as factorials to become something beyond enumeration, something that occupies that space between the completely comprehensible and infinity. Something that will always be a mystery. Anyway, I though the results were quite good for a -very- low polygon human model. I will call her "Polly"!

Oh damn, I used oil based pixels for that and the bits of information will fade and crack in sunlight, I will have to store my computer behind an ultraviolet shield.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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