The heart beat of blender 3D

This was done completely in blender just to see how it works. Render frames as png, switch to video edit insert images, insert sound, switch back and select codecs and animate, and it is done. I got a mitral sound from an open source sound site, though I could have just recorded my heart, but one less second.
The translation to google video is very lossy and does no justice to what it really looks like here. Using a "green screen color" or alpha channel allows me to build scenes from multiple parts with some sort of control of the elements. It might be interesting to make a WebGL game that uses this principle as the development time is almost nothing. I could create a face hugger like in "Alien" in a few minutes and also model and animate about any form. This certainly isn't my best effort. Now that I have the skill, I need some application, but I suppose that a complete virtual body might be in order that shows the changes that variations in the HOX genes produce in the form of check boxes or sliders. A kind of "MakeHuman", but directly from the DNA that generates the growth control gradients as well as differentiation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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