Blender 3d 2.6 new style of animation

Don't Drop my head

This may be my calling in life. I have a knack for this because I understand the physics and have a visual intellect that is not well suited for rote learning. In the way that DaVinci painted with the understanding of the body, I can animate with that same knowledge. In this example I used the face texture as bone by shrinking it more than needed so that it would highlight the effect. If a model is properly designed and the proper physics applied, the increase in diameter and shortening length of muscles is the animation and it becomes so realistic that some of the things I have already created are impossible to distinguish from real. It is not an uncanny valley, it is clear down in the core and there is no difference between the simulation and a real video recording. It is physics and it must be so. There is no subsurf on this and the vertex pattern is really simple. I just like to be able to animate the entire scene in less than a second and see what it does.


I am certain that I could do an animated movie in a couple days that was better quality than Pixar or the studios and that I could make it in such a way that it was not just 3D, but 3D in --every-- direction such that it could be viewed from any angle you wished. I am doing this with a dog slow CPU and an old graphics card. With the proper hardware it would be virtually real time movie creation from scripts. It is funny how things change since the time of the song on the movie above "cube love" , now Russia gives political asylum to American defectors from a failing American state descending into totalitarianism and economic ruin from trillions of dollars of debt. Putin ( aka RayGun ) America: "Tear down that wall!!"

The combination of bones, ligaments, and muscles, all modeled per their physics and directed by an AI that I already have, would create a virtual actor that could do anything that was physically possible , and with a few tweaks of the physics control, things that wouldn't. I think that I prefer the movie that is based on the physics of this universe and not something made up. I would expect my characters to respect gravity, time, entropy, momentum, and the speed of light.

The software would respect the physics and I could created multiple parts to a complex model with a link structure that would be virtual tendons. I think DaVinci would have loved blender physics.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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