Don't put my heart in the blender

Here we go again with a 30 second blender implementation. I saw on youtube that they had a series of 7 videos on modeling a real heart in blender, but this video was 30 seconds from opening blender to animation.
If one uses python and does genotype to phenotype mapping, it is even more simple as it creates a real beating heart with unseen fluid and particles.
I think that the idea of armatures may not be the only way to animate easily. Aperture Science, we do what we must because we can.
It seems quite obvious to me that the universe is composed of material which bonds and has flexibility in those bonds and responds to electromagnetic radiation ( blender: ambient , transparency, reflectivity ...). The modeling of an entire body should only take me a few minutes with some help from the snake ( Python ) and the change in length and corresponding change in volume of an element would essentially be a muscle that drives material that is more strongly bonded ( Bone ). So I see no reason that I could not generate almost any model and animate it from a HOX DNA sequence to any organism and have it driven by a neural array. I could be wrong, but I am certainly not in this case.
In the video I created two icospheres and moved one inside the other to generate a beating rhythm , which is a bit of cheating but this is just a Q&D proof that it can be done far more simply than what Pixar or others have done. Physics is physics.
I just had to see what a catmull would do to realism and it is very impressive for a process that takes .1 second to add.
I does occur to me that people are outraged at the surveillance mentality of cultures and they may not realize that the response rests in their hands. The bot hear round the world. I would guess that if people were informed and coordinated to a single time that the "dead hand" switch that resides with people could be implemented. It isn't something that should be considered for simple spite, but I am guessing that if -every- computer on the world began sending random gets and puts to all over the internet with a script, that the internet would be a pile molten scrap in short order. Since no address could be blacklisted or every address would become blacklisted, the entire network would collapse upon itself and stop. It is not designed to withstand such an intentional jamming. It would also create data at many orders of magnitude beyond that which could be recorded, without a moon sized data center and a harnessed sun as a power source. So people have a way to object to illegal or immoral practices that are committed for the self aggrandizement and economic benefit of a few at the expense of all.
I would suspect that if every business connected to the internet ground to a halt, there might be a recognition that free people can topple even the most powerful state. I saw an interesting joke on slashdot, when the NASDAQ went down,  Customer Service: "Did you try turning it off and back on?" :)
Did you try turning off the internet and back on?
There will be cake for those who make it through.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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