Shrieker pigs

I noticed some recent research where a pea sized human brain was grown from skin cells that were made pluripotent and then used to allow the brain to grow. I am quite sure that this is not the first as a mouse was given a brain developed from human brain cells some time ago. So this isn't new except that it is in vitro ( on glass ) brain, which I suppose will be the new president of Microsoft.

It would shock me, but I saw it coming long ago and considered what it means. I couldn't guess what will happen, but scenes from "Fringe" seem less science fiction now and people trading pieces of brain removed and replaced that contain formulas or crypto keys ?? It is spooky and far more so than any show I have seen. I would consider that "Invasion of the Body Snatcher" pods wouldn't have to grow a body at all, just a new CNS, or even some small part of the CNS. It defies imagination what -could- be done if the central control could be replaced without altering memory or even an interface with optical proteins that light on neural activity to download a brain to an optical interface. If the body is not replaced, but just some control point in the brain, how could you know it was "Alpha" or "Beta" that you were dealing with. It does cut the very edge of the "Ship of Theseus" issue. Stranger and stranger, or curiouser and curiouser ( Alice said ) , or as Dr Who said once, "It's insane, but things are about to get even more insanerer."

It would seem that even the wildest fiction or science fiction can't keep up with reality. Recently a team made a successful head transplant and I immediately jumped 20 years in the future and a dog bumps into my leg and I look down and it has a human head, they say "What ya gawkin' at, my new body wasn't finished and so I have a loaner". It makes me recall a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Scene from the far distant future ( 2014 )

         Maxwell brushes his leg against collapsed human form.

             Damn it, why do people leave their cast off 
              bodies in the street.

         Maxwell looks at the corpse-moult like a living puddle

             They even got new eye stalks,
              if I ever find their new body I will make
              them come back and clean up this mess.
        Maxwell shouts at thin air

             What, you think somebody going to recycle your ragged ass
              old used body or are people supposed to clean up after you.
              No mother, huh?

        Maxwell sighs and continues on ignoring the shallow labored breathing 
        of the corpse-moult

Some researchers were able to connect one brain to another and have one think he was moving his hand and the remote person moved their hand. The manipulation of the brain is bizarre, as sections of the brain can be turned on and off with magnetic fields. A person could be made to wear a helmet that canceled all moral restraint, that area is known. Of course this won't be abused ever, right?

While off on this flight of fantasy, I thought about a baby pig with its skull removed and replaced with a flexible membrane that allowed the frontal lobe to expand to the size of one of those 2,000 pound prize pumpkins after injection of neural growth hormones.... It shrieked, "What are you looking at freak, get me an elephant's body to wear or I will TCM you again!"

The video is done in blender to practice some physics simulation and I am pulling out all the bones and blood vessels as a separate object because they have the same properties and connections. I am also combining the anatomy of muscles and tendons with something that is like cloth skin. So it is bones with the material between that determine the model based on physics of volumes displacements like muscles and fluids. It does work out to animate by putting a springy cloth on the skull, though there are some things that could be automated better. I don't really need to animate the brain, but then it might serve some medical purpose when the shrieker pigs take over.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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