Random is a concept that is used to express an attribute of a situation. It implies that some condition is either unknown or unknowable as a result of the starting condition and available information. Scientifically it referred to as a stochastic process. Even if a process is considered to be random, there are methods which can expose relationships without any ability to propose a mechanism of that change. An example would be Markov Chains or Hidden Markov Models[wiki]. It is unnerving that I can establish a neural net and it can predict an outcome, but it is not possible to understand how it achieves that result. It is like dealing with a super intelligent person and you can see the outcome is correct, but you can never understand their methods. There is a course available online through CalTech on youtube for Machine Learning [youtube]. It is easy to follow and doesn't lean heavily on math or convolved theories or useless digression. It gets to the point and makes it very solidly with real examples.

Random itself can have many degrees of freedom in practice.
If were to have you pick an apple at random and there is only one apple, then the outcome is at least technically certain.
If were to have you pick an apple at random and there are two apples, then the outcome is uncertain , unknowable with absolute certainty, and can be influenced by anything in the universe within the temporal framework.
Knowledge is based upon the storage of information which represents the real or virtual world. A box may not contain itself. Thus, the stored information cannot exceed itself and the factorial combinations of possibilities rises faster than any physical storage mechanism.
I have recently been looking through Phillip K. Dicks VALIS or Exegesis and I vote for temporal lobe epilepsy exacerbated by long term drug and alcohol abuse as the origin. You might wonder how people have similar misconceptions, but if you look at the behavior of birds, it is so odd  how they all prefer that same damn bird house. In any case, if you give LSD-25 to a particular species of spider, they all build the same type of funky , groovy, psychedelic webs. It is a bit spooky that "Second Variety" is no longer a fictional concept, but an ongoing engineering goal. I , for one, welcome our new chain saw face, killer cyborg android exterminators of all life.[onion]

Random is a situational modifier and can mean many different things and is involved in encryption as well as the analysis of stochastic process.
It does have something to do with the arrow of time or what is conceptually referred to as time. I could expound on the real crack that has developed in time, as opposed to the fictional concept in Dr Who, but I am now tired of explaining. It is odd that fantasy is more compelling than fact, and I suppose it is just that weakness for candy over nutritious food.
It is possible to construct topological forms that confound insect behavior , however these do not occur naturally, otherwise they would adapt. In any situation where an unnatural selection is imposed it acts as a catalyst to select a solution to that solves that confinement. This is what I believe is the root cause of the temporary nature of any externally imposed system of values or ethic. Eventually the weeds will cover the castles and "SOMETHING there is that doesn't love a wall,"(Robert Frost) and to me this could be seen as entropy or just the fact that change adds upon change. Life requires change to be animated and change means that what was is no more and so to say that a person is immortal and unchanging is a contradiction. Loops and patterns that recur do exist, but then they are not always themselves :)
I wonder why Google street view doesn't remove its own shadow from their images? I also wonder if there is a Markov Chain that holds a secret there? Likely it is so.

So I am ready for the question. It always gives me a new perspective to consider. Hey , I could be wrong , it happened once before ;)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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