Obvious engineering camp

I notice that Elon Musk is planning a hyperloop . It is interesting that I explained how that would work some time ago to many different people.

It is an obvious solution and with the right mechanics is very energy efficient. It is odd that trillions of dollars are spent to create stone and tar friction paths between points that burn energy in air resistance for no apparent reason, but that people can complain about the cost of energy. It is just one of thousands of things that I invent or recognize every year and I assumed it would arrive within 20 years and sometimes they come early when I talk too much and then again it can just be duplicate invention, after all it isn't SpaceX surgery.

What is a fact is that v at t0 is the same as v at any other t as Newton enumerated in his first "Law", which of course is enforced by the sheriff of the wholly dark.

I don't know how that fact looks to others, but it seems to be the first real description of relativity in a somewhat indirect way. If a person assumed that an object would "stay put" if you didn't push it, then if you are galloping by on a dragon, it will always have the same relative velocity unless somebody pushes it. The Neanderthals had this law, but it the 7th and the Cro-Magnons ate their encyclopedia , which was tattooed on mammoth jerky.

I discovered a neat one some time ago and if I don't telegraph the solution, I would like to see how long it is before somebody else comes up with the same. It is a solar cell that is actually 100% efficient and virtually unbreakable as well as being dirt cheap to produce. Sadoway (Chemistry) at MIT has this saying, "If you want to make something dirt cheap, 'Make it from dirt'!".
I suppose I have created a disturbance in the fourthce[sic] and a real solar cell will appear like magic in about a year and their lawyer, Dewey Cheatem , will have sworn statements by long dead US senators that it was invented and patented 17 seconds before I wrote this.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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