The slivers and edges of left and right infinity

As it happens, inspiration and understanding seem to pop out of nowhere. I have to thank my muse for this one. It would seem that we all exist as half of infinity and so half of everything remains hidden.
Infinity is a subject that I have heard approached many different ways. Georg Cantor became obsessed with defining it and that caused him great conflict. I assume that no box may contain itself and so that seems a bit naive to encompass infinity and the unknown.
Watching some videos of Feynman, he had a more healthy view of infinity, and the inherent limitations of all understanding. He is remarkably capable, and yet knows that what we understand is just some small piece of what could ever be known.
It is often much like the action of a catalyst. In the same sitting I was also reviewing several subjects from MIT and other opencourseware on Solid State Chemistry, Biochemistry, and basic chemistry. Sadoway at  MIT has solved an interesting problem with batteries in a very unique way. It has the promise to solve many power distribution problems. Also the nature of ΔG, ΔS, ΔH when considered in the framework of chemical kinetics is revealing.
It occurred to me that if God has existed forever, then what was he doing in the left half of infinity? And why did he wait an infinite time to pick this sliver of infinity to introduce his inherently damaged product. If one considers infinity from a point, then there must always be a left an right infinity in a Cartesian coordinate system .
So many things lead me to inspiration. I was also studying Jquery, programming algorithms like local / global minimums, optical watershed, least squares in N space  and fabricating some scripts for various tasks as well as studying internet security. It is a strange soup of many ingredients and I could also thank the ant. It would seem to me that designed into almost every ant is the perfect algorithm for detecting a local 3d or more minimum in the real world. It comes from trillions of selections over billions of years and represents a computed product beyond the scale of 22 powers of 10. That is beyond any computer that exists today.
So there is another thing that exists in the universe that I am sure has never been seen before. I am sure the ant would have difficult time constructing a poem which describes the algorithmic dance that serves to preserve its place in the universe. And I would, as well, be at a loss to weave a tapestry of infinities from finite words.
Reflection on infinity will reflect again and so it is like a laser. It could be said that a laser, in its simplest form, is just a pair of well aligned mirrors and the selection of the center most light in its traverse of a meter or so, is clarified and selected 3 x 108 times every second.

  It is the light behind the eyes that reflects in the eye of its harmony.

 Openshot video editor is a usable tool and when combined with all of the other fine Linux tools it creates things that were never before possible. In this case it is LaTeX of an equation that relates to Gibbs free energy and ΔH derived from information in chemistry opencourseware rendered in ZIM, modified with ImageMagick and GIMP or "avconv" as well as "blender", python (opencv, PIL, SciPy), bash, then imported to Openshot to create a video that combines elements automagically from many sources, including SVG developed from free CC works like this.
The Gilbert Strang MIT video in this case is from "Blossom", an MIT program to introduce high school students to advanced math. It interesting how he relates the fact that most random triangles are obtuse to a matrix solution in linear algebra as well as the visual and geometric representations.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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