Probability of an uncertain monkey

I had an interesting dream and it incorporated things that seemed very much out of place in the same context as dreams sometimes do. I remembered this particular dream when I awoke and so thought about the imagery for a while and as I considered it from various angles it resolved to dozens of actual concrete ideas which became "Mise en abyme". The picture is a sample of shadow art from:

Niloy J. Mitra

Mark Pauly
ETH Zurich

“To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images.” - Plato, The Republic

and the cover of "Godel Escher Bach".

I had intended to explain at great length what it revealed and then realized that it was verboten in a way that I cannot explain simply.
What I can explain is that what we perceive and what is real are two different things always. It is only the matter of degrees that separate  elements and one aspect of the dream demonstrated that a recent very famous public event bears no resemblance to its resolution. I know why and that is another of those things. It is much like the shadow art with all but one of the images removed. The perception becomes reality and the origin is never understood because it cannot be portrayed,  conveyed, or resolved. It also highlights another disturbing fact that is also verboten for other reasons.
I do think that the shadows of 1984 are already on the entire world as they always have been. It isn't a new number and Plato's musings hint that it could just as well have been 1984 BC. And certainly "Damnatio memoriae" has been practiced since cave drawings of the less favored Neanderthal artists were expunged.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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