Now it gets complicated

I was unaware that it was bad form to link pictures from a web site address as it steals bandwidth without fairly representing the content so here it is done the right way, XKCD good joke about compass and straight edge.

And here is a internal link to trisecting an angle one way.
Now it starts to get complicated. While explaining this to an acquaintance, I had not realized that I had solved it yet another simple way ( On the spot, off the top of my head in seconds ).  If somebody asks I will do that one too.

That is just the beginning of the complicated part, as the rest involves time in space as well as probability in gravity.

So I was thinking about a voice interface for my program and I see there are many commercial versions which I had no part in developing or know nothing about their methods. I do understand the Fourier transform, and many different mathematical techniques which are not copyrighted or patented.

As I studied it, I realized that I could easily resolve the association between the spoken and its intent. It was just one of those moments that happen to me when I look at a problem and all the tools are there to complete the task. I have no idea HOW I am able to do it, it just happens. So this is where it starts to get complicated.
Now I could just put the code and analysis ( with LaTeX, gnuplot and digraphs, of course ) on the blog after I test it and am certain that it works, but before I even finished that thought, I realized that if people are making big bucks off this and it is another of those things that are supposed to be difficult or impossible, then they will have hired goons to protect them. If it is as simple as a few minutes thought and a few hours to implement and test, why are they allowed to keep me from figuring it out myself and using it or giving it away.

Okay ( you caught me in a half truth ) , I was also doing a python GUI with my OpenGL  and WebGL template program to simulate a procedurally generated continually variable Adventure like game with speech output and using the arrow keys and mouse for direction as well as messages fading in and out of the walls and objects that revealed secrets when illuminated by the lamp in a certain direction. I may incorporate a maze of twisty little lecture rooms, all alike from MIT on Linear Algebra and you have to solve for the Eigen vectors to get out.

I have joked about it before that Hitler or some other dictator patented "  drei + fünf =acht" and so until he was dead, all scientific progress was on hold. If the process is so simple that it is child's play, then it is simply a government ( enforcer ) sponsored title of virtual land to a noble exactly like the feudal system of the middle ages or the church of the Borgia family.

The stated intent is to justly compensate the inventor, musician, experimenter...
It doesn't work that way though. It is then a lie, it is then an imposition. It is then an oppression, no matter how it is sugar coated, dismissed, confused, covered up, threatened or cruelly and criminally adjudicated.

It simply follows. It is just another equation to me and you might suspect that I would be unhappy with the corruption and rule by incompetents, but that is not the case. To me it is just another toxic gas that doesn't come from volcanic sulfur, but from the minds of those who wish to profit by force from that which they are incapable of creating.

But that isn't even near the complicated part yet.

The issue of time, space, gravity, FTL, energy, continued meaningful life, and many other things depend on understanding how the universe is put together and how the parts interact to produce a result. That seems simple when put that way. The problem arises in the fact that that relationship is so complex and requires so much prior knowledge to understand that it is very very unlikely to be solved by experimentation.

So this is my nature, I solve puzzles and this is the biggest puzzle of all and it is a real head scratcher and if I suggested that I was walking in the park one day and an apple fell on my  head  which prompted me to understand it, that would be a real fairy tale. I am sure that the stories of Newton and apples are apocryphal . I would bet  that many fluxions came before apple sauce.

So that is the equation and you don't create things in a vacuum, there are events that proceed naturally from the participants. I would say that the new Egypt is a example as little as I know of that. But I must predict on what I perceive is the mechanism of the matrix, like a KCL solved with Maxwell's equations complete.
The point is that any new method that can be used to establish physical domination of others will be applied in that way. Many scientists have been the facilitators of oppression and what passes for society.

I suppose the answer to that is another riddle that might go something like:
The starship "Little Red Riding Hood" is warping through the stars on the way to grandmother's planet with a basket of antimatter and Di-Lithium crystals and the Klingon "Angry Bird of Prey" comes upon her.
I wonder, if the wolf had no teeth, what would it eat? If I had to guess that a more advanced culture existed in the stars , which seems likely, they would already have the answer to that riddle, but I will ponder it a bit. The universe is certainly not constructed in the way it is represented. The last post about multiple shadows is a good analogy of that. It can seem that it is complete and coherent, but it never really is. It is a system that has complexity that could take billions of years to resolve and I am certain that what is known and exposed is merely the shadow of a single aspect.

Control of electrical charge makes many things possible. Control of nuclear decay makes other things possible. Some changes have very large consequences and I really doubt that in 2750 BC when somebody investigated the "Thunderer of the Nile" and static electricity that eventually it would lead to 22 nanometer multi-core gigahertz speed RISC GPUs capable of displaying "Angry Birds" with ease.  Five thousand years seems to be quite a stretch to catch on to that, but then I can't say what I would have seen in it and maybe I would have been eaten by a crocodile while I stared rapt and dumbfounded at the creature attempting to understand what it meant.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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