Styrofoam castles

\text{By parts }x^3\\
\int x^2 \cdot x=&&
\int \frac{x^2}{2}\cdot 2 x\\
v'=2 x\\
uv-\int vu'\ Where:\\
uv=\frac{x^4}{2}\ and && \int v u'=\frac{x^4}{4}\\
I have discussed the Product Rule before. It seems to me that it is made more difficult than it has to be. The example I use is kind of a joke as it has a simple integration by the basic power rule,  but, in order to be valid, the rule must be universal and be consistent with a known integration by another method.
Before I get creative, it seems to me that it represents something akin to a pyramid when considered as an analogy. Also it does give me some pause that most of this stuff has a very limited scope. Divergent series have no limit and so are excluded, but though math and physics is considered a long standing and well explored subject, I would disagree that it is even a glimpse into the possible methods and relationships. I also find it odd that everything is a "LAW", as it has some additional weight that exists outside of its deduction from observation. Particularly it seems very odd that "Kepler's Laws" even rank as I can't see that they are more than observations of relationships that never get reduced to their underlying source.
From my experience, the public school system is incapable of even giving a glimpse into even the existing science. My experience is correcting teachers from my earliest recollection and this meant devising the math itself, de novo and then explaining it. I even had a calculus teacher that told me I would be flunked if I did not demonstrate the complete steps of a solution to show the class, in other words, blackmail to do what they were paid to do.

So on to the theater.

So the Pharaoh, as well as Caesar, employed me to build monuments to their insanity and beings as it was not yet possible to return to my home planet, I did it for something to pass the time.
Caesar had me build a pyramid, but when I was done he wanted to know how many slaves died while doing the work. I assumed that this was proportional to the cubic mass. Thus it is a product in dimensions of an integer step function and not the usual continuous function of fluxion calculus.

1   4  9  16  25 -- x*x   f(x)
   3  5  7    9     -- 2x+1 f'(x)
     2  2   2        --2        f''(x)
Caesar was interested in how many slaves died because he didn't want to over feed the lions as they became fat and complacent and would not put on a good show. He ended up getting extra lions so there would be no lack of terror.

I see that the U.S. government has a new web site to demonstrate their commitment of the people, it is called "Wee on the People" IIRC. It has been suggested that they build a Death Star and I am sure they would if they had enough slaves and scientists that they could bend to their will. I would only suggest that when calculating yield on a 5 stage weapon, that you double check figures and avoid the old 7Li mistake or just blow them up from a great distance and don't mill about the rubble gloating. I think Ripley said it best, in Aliens - "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit"

I have been using stupid ( more stupider than usual ) blog posts to test a theory about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and that seems like such a sweet acronym for disruption, confusion, waste, cheating, manipulation, spam, and greed.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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