Mona Lisa revisited

The nature of biology and art is an interesting subject and could include the implication of expression as well as the proportion and colors. The original will never be seen as it was and I would guess that since they had no effective lighting that the spectrum of sunlight would be the appropriate Illuminati (sic), but such harsh radiation in the ultraviolet would surely decompose the paints , though it would reveal different colors in the conversion to the shorter wavelengths that would be visible to the human eye. I saw something recently that the eye of a woman sees different colors and I wish I could recall where I saw that and if I do I will put a link.

The image on the right is my blender face model with a simple "UV unwrap" and no alignment or compensation for shadow and light source , proportion match, shape, or skin texture. It turned out real well. Now to get serious. It is obvious to me that the light gradient vectors resolve to a single vector and can be done by a program.

This is another genetic algorithm using circles, which is interesting to watch.
 atan2(x,y) explained.

 I can also use a genetic technique similar to the one by Roger Alsing to create OpenGL polygons in a 3D space that correlate to the image in monotone. I can then add skin tone and eye color in the same way recursively to attain a positive match from Haar like stuff or some other opencv technique. I have been doing this for videos of MIT lectures and others to replace the people with stick figure professors as well as voice generation and word table lookups. My favorite virtual professor is Christopher Walken

 doing Linear Algebra and virtual Meg Ryan for multi-variable calculus and tensors. In addition to using multi-frame image averaging to extract foreground and background, it is possible to use speech recognition to create a script with cadence and the dependent vector positions of elements to animate the figures and generated models to produce a complete presentation. It is also possible to generate equations and formulas using LaTeX and match them to the presentation.
With a generalized technique I would assume that I could take any lecture and extract the dialog, characters, voice and sequence to create a script that could be mutated to make the entire system personally variable. I wonder if it is possible to actually go so far back in the generation to infer the director and writer of a play like Hamlet or such, and produce a pseudo character that was not a player, but the writer himself. That would be interesting to use the product to create a virtual Shakespeare that would continue to write in context of the present day. I am not sure that is possible, but the rest is easily done with existing tools.

 National Geographic Color perception
Across most of the visible spectrum males require a slightly longer wavelength than do females in order to experience the same hue," the team concludes in the latest issue of the journal Biology of Sex Differences.

I would assume that there is an adaptive perception within the mind that correlates on many levels and I wonder what the birds of paradise see in their desire. In that case, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.
There are also variations which are purely geometrical in origin that affect they way an image is perceived, such as the rule of thirds.

And here is a link to prior Mona Lisa experimentation from a couple years back.

And one of the big secrets of life itself.

If you understand the schwarzschild  radius , it should come as no surprise that an electron and a positron have a polar radius that has this same effect and as such, the entire structure of being is implemented in something very much akin to the bizarre time and space wrenching structure of a black hole. And, instead of one singularity of weak force, it is a complex of singularities so astoundingly complex that perhaps we will never know what it really represents.
I could say 
 but I am sure that many people would not know what this really implies.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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