Temporal resonance

As technology changes, people respond and integrate new methods to achieve their goals. Over the course of a lifetime it can be observed that goals too must be changed by the technology. There are certain aspects of a complete picture of the universe, biological life and human social structure that proceed from basic principles of the matter. IIRC, the origin of physics is natural philosophy that attempts to explain the universe in human terms. It started with Air, Earth, Fire and Water. When I first viewed and could buy a 7400 integrated circuit at the electronics store I knew that the world would change dramatically as a result.
Self replicating manufacturing is another of those watershed moments. It pales in comparison to what is to come. It has taken thousands of years to arrive at a world that is slightly less dependent on magical misconceptions. One factor that would seem to be an unbreakable premise like conservation of energy, is the principle of ordered dependence. That is a way of stating the principle that defines the game of life. If a biological entity fails to reproduce before it loses that opportunity, then it cannot be represented in any future population. It implies that the out of order execution in time is impossible and thus the future can be established by removal of one element in favor of another in the present.
It is a biological premise, and though nature has evolved some systems of astounding complexity and elegant operation, it is after all a system that takes what exists and functions on an ordered execution to its current mode.
There is no handbook of the universe to consult, though many claim to have such. It would be nice if I could just open a terminal and type "man life".

~$ man life
No manual entry for life
I could say that there is a dependency directed graph of the universe and it would serve so long as the foundations of even that were not eroded. A person is born with certain skills and senses and cannot be expected to function in excess of that framework. From my perspective and with what I can deduce and measure, the principles of common practice are certainly flawed in the assumption that they are as permanent and unbreakable as conservation of energy and mass. I personally don't like the idea of labeling these things as "laws" as it implies that they are regulated and controlled by some authority. The same with "Time Lord", as it implies an over arching power of force that expresses its continuance above any other.
Government operates on the same biological principle of continuance and mass. The first priority of a government is to establish itself in the most permanent way possible in the same way as biological life. By never reducing its control and always expanding, it is assumed that it will then be the final selection, as all others have been "deselected".
This principle of life is certainly valid based on any measure I have seen and I would have no more reason to doubt that any more than conservation of energy. The reality is that it is only observation and measure. By calling it law or invoking an imaginary structure of infinite turtles to support the certainty of it, does not change that it is only accepted and there is no court to adjudicate a failure to adhere to conservation or ordered continuance.
I have seen nothing that would make me doubt conservation or to put it another way, the random appearance and disappearance of matter.
I have observed in some calculation of the structure of the universe that ordered execution is not guaranteed in all circumstances. Certainly it must be generally true and life must operate on principles that occur naturally as a result of the interaction probability of matter. It could hardly be based on molecules of material that only arise by chance in a millennium and survive for billionths of a second.
Probability and certainty are sticky subjects that I do not fully grasp and may never completely understand. However, I do understand that if I can once construct a system that is not ordered dependent in its existence, then it would be permanent in some different way than other systems.
Things are always changing and when I was in college I could not have imagined that the multi-million dollar computer system that measured and sold CPU time in milliseconds, could be purchased for $5 and I could do anything with it until it ultimately gave up its magic smoke ghost. Nanotechnology, cloning, PCR, RFLP, internet, satellites, printed organs, drones,  AI, networks, and much more add their new possibilities to the future and when combined they reveal even more fantastic extensions. To a sailor in the 17th century, I am sure that a hand held GPS, mobile phone,  and Google maps would have been handy.
When a person considers the vast reaches and possibilities of the universe, it would seem that it would be unreachable and that it would require the building of a great wooden ship that sailed the vacuum on fairy wings, but I would guess that the answer to that opportunity is already at hand, but like many things, it doesn't just get applied where it is designed, but screws up everything else.
I see the shadows of a new technology and just like the abuse of the replicator from Star Trek, the genie has a way of opening its own bottle.
The common perception of time originates from art like "The Time Machine(1895)" or other fiction and people may feel that they have a grasp of what it means based on that instruction. It makes a great tool for story telling, like Peter Pan, but scientifically it is about as foundational as (1904)Tinker bell).
Momma always said that everything was going to be alright, but I don't think she based that opinion on any good scientific evidence.
I think the javascript engine has some strange corner cases when interacting with the constant flux of possibilities. Sometimes, things aren't always WYSIWYG. And I sure the universe isn't WYSIWYG.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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