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It is interesting to see how much can be done with gimp.

This was about 2 minutes work. It is not good work, but intended to show a difference. Mona Lisa image enhancements using fourier and gaussians and intelligent scissors. It is obvious that I can extract the original intent and character of the image and I wonder why it isn't completely redone as a new icon by somebody with talent. I can see that if I spent a little time, I could extract the veil, the texture of the hair, the color of skin and the proper shading as well as things that are underneath. It is obvious how it was constructed and the knowledge of anatomy that went into the definition. It is also obvious that it was "enhanced" for effect.

I assume that I could write a painting reversal script using python or scheme easily now. I think I will do that, so I can see what paintings must have looked like in their original incarnation. A bit of physics, anatomy, genetics, and chemistry knowledge does not hurt in that task.

It seems that I could extract a reasonable approximation of physical genotype as well. I devised a new spatial transform that can be used for genetics, while studying LaGrange and his achievements.

Perhaps some day I will spend the time to extract what is down under this image.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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