Matrix of understanding


from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
from scipy import signal as sg

def np_from_img(fname):
  return np.asarray(, dtype=np.float32)

def save_as_img(ar, fname):

def norm(ar):
  return (255.0*np.absolute(ar)/np.max(ar))
def common_size(a1, a2):
  (r1, c1) = a1.shape
  (r2, c2) = a2.shape
  return (a1[r1-r2 if r1>r2 else 0:,c1-c2 if c1>c2 else 0:],a2[r2-r1 if r2>r1 else 0::,c2-c1 if c2>c1 else 0:])

def gradient(im):
  imv, imh = common_size(sg.convolve(im, [[1., -1.]]),sg.convolve(im, [[1.], [-1.]]))
  return np.sqrt(np.power(imv, 2)+np.power(imh, 2))

save_as_img(norm(sg.convolve(img, [[1.], [-1.]])),'nef-h.png')
save_as_img(norm(sg.convolve(img, [[1., -1.]])),'nef-v.png'

This is a starting pass at 4-dimensional vector gradients as well as some other techniques.

The process creates a product which allows easy "smart scissors select". Also the selected area allows extraction of parts. Obviously it requires PIL, scipy and numpy.
The image must be gray scale for the matrix math to work for this example.
The next stage is to integrate the normals of the hue matrix as well apply plane sections and watershed and vector gradient genetic circles. Then I have to combine all of those , which I think will give me a simple system of recognition when integrated with a Markov like action.

A person could wonder how Marconi or Tesla came up with the ideas they had. To me it seems simple. A gravity light spectrum radio is easily created and I designed my first system nearly 12 years ago now. I suppose it isn't simple, but the GRAIL technology does provide an example, though it is thee most expensive and convolved possible implementation. It may be another ten years before it is duplicated, and that is somewhat typical. When I look for a duplicate of my technology it is sometimes discovered in the military and when it grows in the dark it only becomes obvious when something happens that would require that technology to happen.
There is no world war, but countries act as if there is. Sometimes the cover up is so bizarre that it stuns me that it was so easily accepted. The cover up of radar as "carrot juice" has to be the best scam run in war since Genghis Khan used dummies to pad his army.

I would guess that GML ( gravity magnetic light ) has already been tested and somebody is trying to figure out how they can license it to some friend of a government official and establish something like the FCC because it interferes with an imaginary network that they have created and once established is trillions of dollars of graft that can flow to support the structure of the corruption.

You can fool a plurality almost all of the time.
You can fool a minority all of the time.
So you -can- fool all the people all the time.

By combining sets.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen