Genetic Stigma of Nefertiti

The image is from blender and I selected a background from an image of Nefertiti, added a circle, extruded it, selected on front face vertex and deformed them to the outline by scaling and direction. About 10 seconds of work. Adding shadow depth and vector decomposition would add depth to the model.

The image is an experiment with merging the concept of "intelligent scissors select" from gimp and then adding that as a feature in blender. It would make it possible to take a picture and create a dimensional template from a boundary in an automated fashion. It could then become the product of several views as the vertex data was integrated. Using vector gradients allows
When working with various images, it is obvious that the underlying bone structure is the ultimate determinant. Since the bones are all the same in relationship, the only variable would be scaling along the 3 axes. I suppose some bones could have nonuniform distortions in their local structure, which would contribute to the overall shape as well as contributions from cartilage. It would seem that it would be possible to infer the bone from face and thus the genotype group in another fashion.

I was wondering about the identification of individuals based on the unique SNPs that they might have in their DNA. It seems that genotyping is advancing at an exponential rate and it would seem that in some short time, it will be possible to know almost instantly what genes a person has as well as their genetic history. It started when I wondered if there were descendants of Nefertiti that could be identified by the accumulated random variations in DNA.
I thought I might do some mathematical analysis on the restored artifacts. It was said that Ramses liked to play "Let's find the lethal recessive". I would imagine that the royal class had an abundance of those after thousands of years of inbreeding.
It follows that if it is possible to immediately identify the genetic history of a person, it reveals many things more than any recessive disease traits. I wonder what would ensue if somebody who was visiting Israel was screened by some advanced genetic technique and showed that they carried a DNA signature that could only have been derived from Eva Braun, Judas, Albert Einstein, Josef Mengele, Osama Bin Laden, or Adolf Hitler. That is just one of many odd consequences that could follow from perfect knowledge of maternity and paternity.
It is possible to make a "gene chip" that would make the process simple. It is actually a very simple thing and cheap to make a template that is an indicator of a specific sequence that might recognize thousands of "key" signatures to know which sub group contributed to the product genome.
I am not sure I would like to find out that I was related to Attila the Hun or Lucretia Borgia , but like everything on the Internet,  that  boat will sail whether it has bizarre consequence or not.
It isn't a difficult task at all and like all invasions of personal freedom, it seems they become the property of the state and the agents of the state become excluded from inspection in such a manner. I am not sure ( at the moment ) what genotype might reflect a psychopathic personality, but then it would seem that eventually that would become known and characterized.
Clearly it is so that a spider or squirrel has genetic predisposition to a certain "character" in their behavior. It would seem to me that selective inhibition of a neural array and biochemical operators could be as simple as modifying a CAD file. The consequence would depend upon who had access to the technology and their own predisposition. I am guessing that "Vlad the Impaler" would not even blink before he modified the neural structure of every living thing to make them servants of his ego.Science fiction becomes fact so fast that art is always behind the sweeping waves of strangeness that is the tsunami of singularity.
There does seem to be an identifiable algorithm there at the expression level. It implies a mechanism that I did not see in my molecular genetics graduate work, and thus it may not be known.
There are so many things going on down under the tsunami of technology that I would have to write all day just to touch on all the subjects.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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