Google glasses are better than wine

It occurred to me that RULE #$ applies to Google glasses. Why waste billions on a trophy husband or wife when you can just keep your Google glasses on all the time and there is no more need for re-constructive surgery or cosmetics. You can see whatever you want and live in a complete delusion. All the girls look better at closing time and opening time. You can just download a new look like ring tones. The advances in 3D visual field extraction allows complete VR immersion.
I can capture images and extract the 3 dimensional parallax data to a model and replaces surfaces with methods that are currently available. I could even imagine a cloud application for that. Don't give flowers, wine, chocolate  or diamonds on Valentine's day, give them a pair of Google glasses and become the object of their desire.


Anonymous said...

That is a tough captcha.
Sure, anything you say.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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