Homebrew Dark Matter

The universe is a very complex place, essentially infinite in its complexity. People stare at the stars in wonder at what might be there and as much as I enjoy a puzzle, the  fact is that what is there is here. A person could dream of unknown alien technology that could be discovered by wandering the stars at FTL speeds and happening upon advanced races that have fantastic tools.
What I see is that I have everything here at my disposal and the only difference is the understanding of what exists. A million years ago, everybody had access to DNA, electrons, metals, silicon, diamonds, oil, and protons. They simply did not know what they were and how they could be used to further their own interests.
It is difficult for me to understand why the first observation of electricity did not lead to every other advancement from it. I understand that generating static electricity and shocking people was very common and was considered "high science" at one time.
Each aspect of technology can be devised from the relationships of parts. The electron and positron are certainly singularities in a similar manner to a black hole and have a Schwarzschild radius in an electrical sense. It is obvious to me and so are many other facts that stem from that relationship. It seems that it is always the common misconception that science is at its zenith.
The point is that anything that could exist in the stars can be here and it only takes an understanding of how it works. The access to some very complex tools does not hurt, but simply having the neatest toys and tools does not mean you know what to do with them.
I have been working on a "gravity light" multiplier tube and it functions similar to a photomultiplier, in concept anyway.
There was some work that James Clerk Maxwell did on what he called an atomic demon. It was just idle speculation for his own entertainment IIRC. There was also some biological work by DaVinci that would seem to be completely unrelated, but the combination of the two reveals a very strange property of the universe.

I know is it possible to produce a gravitational quantum singularity complex that achieves something vaguely similar to the science fiction concept of "Stargate". There are some very sticky issues there and one doesn't have to travel to the center of the galaxy or build a hadron collider to see the effects of these physical singularities in action. Probability is, that such a thing happens naturally, but, it is not possible for a biological organism to take advantage of such a thing as it is not strictly causal ( or even +temporal ) in form and would be of dubious advantage in survival.

The image is from a GUI interface for nmap, called zenmap. It has a graphical output and I happened upon it as I was wishing I had a tool to clarify the local network as the various nodes come on line. The TCP/IP protocol remains the same no matter how one implements a physical packet node. In some places it is ethernet, others ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode ) as well as any interface which can make a detectable change at some distance away in a predictable and reliable manner. I think I need a centralized name server of sorts to deal with the fact that IP addresses are not statically defined or a method to reassign physical machines to a specific LAN IPV4 address and associate a meaningful name. Perhaps dd-wrt will do that when I get it working properly.

Odd thought, I have wordpress on one server and drupal on another and I wonder if I could have my own version of blogger that allows me to have a local copy and export items from my copy. I know the blog contains some broken links and is poorly indexed, but managing that in the cloud is nearly impossible, I think I will snarf my own blog and post it on one of my local servers so I can fix it, but I don't see how I can mirror that at this named address easily at the moment.

I should include a reference to this as it will be instrumental in explaining something in the future BLOG SYN which tests synthesis and I have had the experience in my synthetic chemistry lab recently, that the process proceeds as per the methods, but there is much more going on than meets the burette.  Having been a commercial chemist about 45 years ago, there is quite a bit of art in the science.

I think Alice Infinity should have a friend called Polly Math.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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