Temporal Games of Absolute Certainty TGAC

Every subject seems to call itself a science and to varying degrees that is applicable. Physics is the one with the most exacting rules if you can resolve the complete equation of the universe. Chemistry follows, and then genetics. The base pairs TGAC in DNA can be compared to a programming language.
Certainly DNA + cell produces organism and organism has brain. These organisms combine in patterns.
It is called political science (sic) and law, but I find it the most poorly understood and much abused system. It combines aspects of other science as tools.
The parallel between game theory in a contrived fantasy game and a real game of war or politics has some interesting correlation.
As much as people would like WoW to be a reality for themselves, it is no more real than the political games. It might seem that the awesome power of a nuclear state would imply that it is more than a game, but there is no difference between the two except in the association of parts.
No game, no theology, nor any nation can provide a cure for death. You might say that a computer game is different because you can't die in the game, but I say that if you have played your life away, you are most certainly dead. The same is true in social systems or entertainment, TV, movies, and sex.
A political system is a construct of people and is based on some principles that are primarily stolen from observed successful organizations or organisms. The ideas have not evolved in any great measure from the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs or Rome. Like TV writers with no new ideas, they just keep repeating the same themes that worked for somebody else with different faces and places.
The principles are rudimentary. The interaction of parts and the modes of the parts are less complex than weather prediction. In predictive models, probability plays a large part in measuring the possible outcomes and thus how it can be directed. A proper model is a window into the future. In the case of probabilistic models the outcomes are not completely certain unless you have contingencies for all outcomes.
It is no different than a game created by a programmer as it is fabricated as a system by which people may interact.
"Gaming the system".
Hammurabi, Solomon, or other any number of social scientists have been said to be genius and yet they didn't have flying cars, spaceships, replicators, FTL travel, or anything tangible or permanent. What they applied their reason to, was the programming of people's emotions.
I game or art form like music and theater are social emotional programs without a good structural language foundation.
If I were sorting numbers or words, I could use Python or C and I could be certain as to the result. I can construct a game like "Hammurabi" or "Adventure" with a few lines of code and it would serve an emotional purpose in the same way that a political system operates.
If I were to believe all the pomp and circumstance, gold braids, fireworks, political ads, self aggrandizement and false worship, you would think that statesmen, queens, monarchs, despots, dictators and charlatans were astoundingly intelligent. I suggest that the contrary is the fact. They are certainly competent social engineers and do excel over others in their science, but the product of their wit is wholesale destruction of cultures, families, children, nature, and a rational future.
It seems it would be possible to implement a more effective system of organization of people such that it serves people in general and not some in specific. If these great social scientists had good motives and great intelligence, the world would be a sane and pleasant environment. It is clear that the motives and technique are wrong because the product is poison.
I will have to read the newly open sourced book by O'Reilly mentioned on slashdot
called Open Government and a link to the git. It seems it is a WIP. It would be neat if it was LaTeX, but I don't intend to do it.
IMHO social science is about as advanced as physics was when Air, Earth, Fire, and Water could be combined with the "Fifth Element" of deception to manufacture a despot.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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