IPV6 Local Neutrino net

There are several new web technologies that are being implemented and one of them is WebRTC,  as well as WebGL, and the basics of intercommunication in HTTP or FTP, which is well established. It is possible to have intercommunication in many different ways like wireless, infrared, software radio, laser, or any method for which there is a generator sensor pairing. I have seen some very odd ones in my life, including circuits that communicate at RF on the same board or from loose wires in a case, as well as mechanical torsion on wires that operates in a self sustaining loop like a refreshed volatile RAM (DRAM or Dynamic Random Access Memory).
I understand that NASA has done 300 baud to the moon with lasers and that reminds me of an old daisy wheel printer that I used to print out machine code source for 8080 processors. They screamed at 1 megahertz and 8 bit bus width, though the IO was quite a bit less than that usually. Ah, punch cards, IBM BAL, and JCL.

In Ubuntu the establishment of a server is as simple as :
sudo apt-get install apache2
Then point the browser at http://localhost.
I am also experimenting with DD-Wrt on the routers. That is an interesting software or set of softwares. 

Hmmm, I just thought of using the pile of set top digital receivers as RF routers, have no idea how, but seems they could be forced to work that way since they have flash memory control. They certainly don't do a very good job of digital RF content management. It is far worse than the original analog TV.

There is no way to be certain which technologies will be implemented in which order and that is always the way. It makes a big difference in outcome if it is a system where somebody is willing to commit to the risk of exerting sole dominance in space.
If Star Trek is the model for space, it seems that Kirk was self destruct happy and used the doomsday option at every opportunity, even if it was the worst option. I have to wonder how long it would be ( in the real world ) before somebody called his bluff. If that was typical of Star Fleet training, you would have a fleet of what could only be characterized as suicide bombers.
An interesting game that I play is mixed technology. Many things could have been implemented out of the time frame as they occurred in history. If one has metal and electrons, most things could be implemented if a person caught onto the basic rules of how they interacted and should be constructed.
It is odd how little the principles of social organization evolve over time and it is said that Ramses had a great PR staff and created his empire from pure deception and proclaiming himself a god ( What is odd is that people accepted that logic ). Even the US is founded on that same principle. IIRC, they floated fake money to get people to sell things that were used to get gold and other commodities that helped to establish a nation that was sponsored by a new deity, not the old King George deity.
Egypt was considered a great empire, but are big piles of sculptured rock the height of culture ? If they had just invented the giant 3D printer first, they could have just sat around thinking of new things to make and used water power from the Nile to run it and even print dam and irrigation parts. If they could make a building with 20 meter columns, they could certainly make a large frame for a Lego stone block fabricator using control similar to the Jacquard loom.
If Ramses had designed the first 3D monument printer ( even if it ran on punch cards ) , then I would be more impressed than convincing people to pound on rocks for decades.
Interesting how the world spins and then comes back to where it started.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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