The Drunken Salesman on an Imaginary Walkway

I suppose I could say "the stochastic Markov Chain that leads to specific knowledge of routes through a productive process". It seems to me that certain keys are required for some doors to be opened along the walkway. If one arrived at e to the (i PI)

 from your first drunken stupor then the landscape might be very odd. The Markov process is memoryless, but the drunk has some vague recollection of the past and his wanderings. The place and context of memory would change over time.
What I am implying is that learning is often a poorly guided Markov Process that could be a rational process if the Markov Chain Traveling Salesman is guided by someone who knows the way. Because memory does decay it becomes a factual and temporal process as well as stochastic.
It is equivalent to my little game of AntFarmGL as the game is a series of chambers which have connections to everywhere, but some have meaning and others are useless. I suppose it is an infinite number of possible doors that can be taken from any chamber, but many times there is just one that leads to anything significant.
A map would help. The process of education is a dependency issue and different per-requisites exist for each stage of development.
It is also much like a developing software package that has dependencies to operate. Technically at least, it would seem that one's understanding and perspective could be represented by this path product in time. It is also so, that many a person is guided down the garden path to become fodder by purposeful misdirection. Existence is an effective process and action is taken upon the matrix itself. Since one can assume that (the program / entity ) will act in some accordance to given data , even stochastically,  then it could be said that this describes the process by which a population is involuntarily conscripted to some task that is outside of their interest.
Certainly it makes sense to find the thing you want when searching Google and to that purpose they model the Markov Process. In attempting to model /  direct  the person however, they ( and others )  may be collecting something that bites. In the same way that a few atoms of a substance that is unstable might be ignored in the cacophony of  10 to the 28th power, it requires critical mass to transition to a strange attractor or some node of action. Tipping points, critical points, it makes no difference what they are called.
The stochastic evolution of process cannot predict what a specific method will produce as it is not a directed evolution and as such can just as well fall into a bottomless pit as discover the secrets of the universe.
It is easy to over use adjectives to describe certain features of life and promoting one's favorite pig for sale is one of those places where it wears them to meaningless drivel.
It could be Hell through the door or it could just be a Rick Roll.
To me it is the matrix that is of interest and not the scraps of food left to lead me to the dungeon. The path to the tower and chamber of the princess of the wholly dark is not well marked or lit and, in fact, I know it is populated with traps, from experience.

Knowledge is food to the scholar. If you think the angels and drunken demons of ebonite and fur are king, you would dare not query the princess of the wholly dark as the wholly dark is also another name for the wholly light that rules the entire universe. It reminds me of "Firestarter" when captain Hollister holds a stick and it becomes a snake. The thing is, sometimes it really is a snake, you just never knew it.

(Okay, I get it, some keys I use often in another context happen without thought eventually, how odd. Old habits can bite too.)

If you can make the elvi dance to the Markov symphony, you might catch a glimpse of the princess, but careful as this is not an imaginary number that is seen, it is all too real and myth is depicted in art, but reality bites hard and to the death. Medusa is a myth, but it does have a counterpart in fact.It could be a stick and that is what I am told, but I strongly suspect it is a poisonous snake, based on my experience.

There are some interesting stalactites and stalagmites in the caves of reason and  it seems funny how ebonite and Vulcans interact. Brimstone, sulfur, Moloch and Gehinnom.

Of course, sulfur and stink are real things. So you can play the game devised without ( teeth or sustenance ) to pleasant starvation, or cast the runes and accept the roll.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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